How to CONVINCE your parents to Buy Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency is a digital currency or exchange mechanism that lets you purchase services and products online. You can exchange US dollars for crypto money the same way you exchange dollars for gaming club tokens or arcade tokens. Digital currency exchanges are kept in a public ledger using blockchain technology and are obtained using cryptography. Unlike conventional currency, controlled by a national bank and overseen by monetary administrative institutions, digital currency is decentralized.

Do your parents don’t like it when you start talking about cryptocurrencies? Do they react with disbelief, scorn, or disdain when you try to clarify the progressive idea of innovation or the enormous potential for independence from the rat race?

This video will clarify some frequently asked questions and the general assumptions about cryptocurrency.

Brief History of Cryptocurrency

In 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin (BTC), the leading cryptocurrency, and introduced blockchain technology. Bitcoin is still the most recognizable cryptocurrency, but there are currently a lot of different digital currencies, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Cardano, Dogecoin, and XRP. And because they are alternatives to Bitcoin, they are called altcoins. The cryptocurrency market has also fueled the rise of online brokers like Coinbase, allowing you to purchase different digital currencies.

How does Cryptocurrency Work?

Crypto money works like PayPal or a credit card, except it exchanges digital assets for services and products instead of US dollars or other fiat currency. To trade crypto money, you need to exchange money with a partner using a digital wallet called a cryptocurrency wallet. A cryptocurrency wallet is a product that allows you to send and receive assets. You want to access a private key to complete a transaction. The private key is like a financial statement. You can own different keys and keep each asset shipped with those keys. The exchanges are recorded in a public registry, which shows the sales aggregates without revealing the parties’ personalities.

Cryptocurrency mining is the expected interaction to confirm trades. It includes a monstrous measure of computing power and complicated calculations, but people who deal with problems effectively through mining can get reward coins, tokens, or trading fees.

Make a List of Potential Concerns and Questions Your Parents May Have.

It would help if you got blockchain and crypto fundamentals to see how unique cryptocurrency is. Here are two of the most frequently asked questions:

๏ What is Cryptography?

Cryptography is a method of securing the blockchain. Cryptographic codes, also known as “hashes,” bind the squares together, making them invulnerable to the hacker. These codes resemble a protected password. It’s simple for a user to make one; however, it is almost impossible for an intruder to obtain it.

๏ How does Blockchain work?

Blockchain is a database that records cryptocurrency aggregates and exchanges. It stores information in blocks connected or chained together in sequential queries.

Unlike conventional currency or fiat money, there is no central authority to manage the blockchain.

It is a proper record that all crypto money clients can see. Processes k on or proof of work are frequently incorporated into this system to make new blocks and approve trades.

Find The Best Way to Adress Your Potential Concerns

When you have a summary of concerns, review your plan. Consider ways to handle the conditions if your parents talk about it while you chat. It can help show your loved ones that you’ve been paying particular attention.

If cost is an issue, you can apply for a part-time job to help purchase cryptocurrency.

In case your parents are stressed about time, check your schedule. Find opportunities to focus on your cryptocurrency trading daily and learn new techniques to make more money.

Always be interested in cryptocurrency and keep learning for several hours per day. This can help gain your parents’ trust.

How Can You Use Cryptocurrency?

Crypto money works much like conventional money. You could say you can make purchases and treat them as investments by holding the currencies you purchase over time.

Investment: You can invest resources in cryptocurrency by buying a certain amount at a specific value and reselling it when the value increases. Cryptocurrencies’ values of money depend on volatility which is the unexpected fast changes; the absolute value, or market cap, can go up and down quickly.

Shopping: You can use crypto money to buy items online and recruit people to provide services. Cryptocurrency trading can be done for government-issued money or public monetary standards such as USD and can be exchanged for various digital currencies.

9 Best Tips To Ask Your Parents Properly For Money To Buy Cryptocurrency

1. Plan How You Will Talk:

Choose when you notice your parents are feeling great, for example, on a payday or when they feel happy about something they have done. If you choose the wrong time, you can confuse them more, and you won’t be very sure to get what you need. You may also consider talking to one parent at a time. It helps to constantly have small chats with your parents to keep the discussions open for a few days.

2. Always Be Mature During The Conversation:

Continually show your parents that you are a mature child with acceptable behavior. Try not to yell, question, or fight with them, assuming they seem to have some doubts right away. Always specify what you need precisely and what you are willing to do to obtain it.

The more excellent and sensible you are, the more likely your parents will pay attention to you and accept your request.

You should also start the conversation knowing that your parents won’t probably say “yes.” So you won’t get upset assuming they say “no.”

3. Your Body Language Can Say More:

Stand up straight or sit straight in a seat and try to smile as much as you can when it’s appropriate. Try not to straddle your arms or slouch or fold them. Whether or not your parents subliminally understand you, this position is comforting and increases your chances of convincing your parents.

4. Be Firm In a Positive Way:

Stand firm, but don’t get carried away by the repellant. Try not to scream, cry, or start yelling or complaining about their decision. The discussion will always take you further than a terrible aftershock. Let them know you’ll be working on yourself and make sure you’re serious.

Your parents can usually tell when you’re not planning to do your homework, so don’t make any guarantees if you’re not ready to do your part.

Keep a bright attitude while chatting with them. It would help if you did not talk disrespectfully with them. Your parents aren’t stupid, and they deserve some admiration. Show them a cheerful attitude.

5. Offer To Make a Deal to buy your Cryptocurrencies:

Think about what your parents like or would like to do in the house. Maybe your dad is always doing some cleaning at home at the end of the week, or your mom cleans the dog’s place every evening. Think of something they often do around the house and start doing it for a while. If you put on a good show after the first month, your parents will want to get you what you need.

Many parents need their children to be successful in school. Assuming there’s a subject you are not good at, offer to make your grades better.

6. Behave Better To Show That You Deserve What You’re Asking for:

Do your homework reliably, complete each task, and take exams seriously to get the best grades possible. Do what your parents tell you without complaining and have a proper mindset. It may seem like a lot do, but remember what you’re trying to achieve.

Please give them a significant reason why they should consider buying you the cryptocurrency and what it does to be worth the price.

7. Focus On Your Goal:

Never ask for what you need directly. If you continually ask, argue, or fight for everything you need, your parents won’t precisely be comfortable helping you get it.

When you talk about what you desire, pay attention to your parents and what you need to say. Respond thoughtfully to their questions on the subject.

An excellent way to talk to your parents is to use their language. If your dad usually explains things in a specific way, try asking him in the same way.

8. Consider Doing Something Great For Your Parents:

Give them something they’ve liked or something they need. For example, if mother’s day is soon, consider buying a gift and some flowers and chocolates. Let them know that you paid for everything without anyone else’s help.

Parents love to see their kids care for them and show that. They will know that you have your own money and handle the responsibility. When they feel good, tell them what you would like to have.

Try not to ask them what you need after giving them your gift because you might look like a manipulator.

9. Don’s Ask For Too Much:

Generally, you need to know how your parents would respond, yes or no. Compare your request to the stuff your parents have already gotten for you. Does your current request seem higher than what you usually request? Research your financial means and determine how long it would take to pay for it yourself, similarly if your request is something you need or want. If you quickly lose interest in the stuff they already got you, your parents won’t give you what you want every time.

Choose if what you need is worth fighting for. Many material possessions and things in childhood and adolescence are just passing habits.

5 Essential Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying Cryptocurrencies?

Although Bitcoin has entered the mainstream, there are more than 500 types of cryptocurrencies. Please buy it from a trusted online exchange and create a digital wallet to keep it safe while trading cryptocurrencies. You can hold it or use it to purchase services and items online.

1. There are many cryptocurrency exchanges. However, not all companies operate in all countries. Various organizations also offer crypto money, recognize different payment techniques, and charge additional fees.

2. Compare 4 or 5 online exchanges to choose the one that suits you best. Make sure you understand the exchange interface and its features to use it correctly. Since organizations are particularly defenseless against hackers, carefully assess the security of each operation of the exchange.

3. Higher expenses do not correspond to more practical support or insurance in cryptocurrency trading. In most cases, choose a company that offers the cryptocurrency you need at the lowest possible cost.

4. You need to register as a customer and confirm your personality to buy crypto money. First, you’ll provide basic information about yourself, including your name, address, phone number, and email address. You may need to send your ID to confirm your identity.

5. You will also usually receive a code that you must enter to log in to your file. This code is essential for Two-Factor identification and makes your account more secure.

Quick Guide on How To Invest in Cryptocurrency

Even though the crypto market is volatile, people still struggle to find a strategy for making a decent profit while reducing the risk. However, many people continue to seek advice on investing in cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset-backed by “Blockchain technology” in the form of cryptography and decentralized; this implies that no central authority can control the system.

Here is a quick beginner’s guide for investing safely in cryptocurrencies:

Understanding the Crypto Market

When investing in digital assets is crucial, investors must understand the volatility of the crypto market. The crypto market is volatile, which means that the price changes every second, minute, and hour.

When investors or people understand the crypto market, they can control their emotions towards the market. When an asset goes below its purchase price, it does not appear that someone or the cryptosystem is defrauding them or taking advantage of their money.

Understand the Fundamentals of Cryptocurrencies

Many people buy or invest in cryptocurrencies without understanding the concept. When investing in any coin, it is always essential to know it and get information.

Read the Whitepaper of every project you’re considering investing in. It provides information and reports on how the project will become successful, the features, the purpose of developing it, the founder’s names, etc.

When you understand the currency, you’ll determine if it’s a good coin with excellent features/utility or a poor coin that can’t be a good investment.

Maintain your cryptocurrency protected

Cryptocurrencies are stored in crypto wallets, which can be hot or cold. The hot wallets are online, and the cold wallets are not. It’s a unique and complex procedure. This wallet is not a physical wallet but rather a software tool created specifically to hold cryptocurrency.

It maintains the private and public keys that let the user connect to the blockchain, where his coins are stored. They do not store the cryptocurrencies themselves, but they provide public and private keys that allow you to access cryptocurrencies on the blockchain. To complete the transaction, the user must have both keys. They are known as ‘keys’ since they are responsible for unlocking the cryptocurrencies on the blockchain.

Desktop Wallets, Online Wallets, Mobile Wallets, and Hardware Wallets are all digital wallets. The wallet should be chosen depending on the balance of security and ease. Users can also get digital wallets from some exchange platforms.

Keep your digital wallet secure.

The security of your cryptocurrency is crucial. It gets more significant if you use cryptocurrencies to buy products or a hot wallet. So, once the crypto is online, you must maintain its security.

To ensure safe and encrypted online transactions, most holders use a VPN (Virtually Private Network).

Because of data encryption, no one can monitor any users’ online transactions. It is an additional layer of security that assures users’ information.

Cryptocurrencies are completely anonymous. It makes it harder for others to leverage the security of the holders’ accounts, especially for holders with a significant amount of crypto.

It is an additional layer of security that assures users’ data and privacy.

At the end of the day, if your parents have recently bought or surprised you with something, don’t ask for something new right away. This will look like you are an ungrateful kid.

Do you want to buy cryptocurrencies to show other kids that you have them at school?

Do you need these crypto coins because you think they will be more valuable in the future and help you financially?

Answering these questions can help you as you talk with your parents.

With its fundamentals and the communities they serve, cryptocurrencies are a long-term investment. Their use is distinct, and considerably beyond the access, we know so far. As a result, you should not see them as a get-rich-quickly plan. Investors acquiring cryptocurrency should plan their investment strategy and register gains regularly.

Keep in mind to let your parents think about it as much as possible. It makes sense that your parents need time to think about such an important choice, so give them that space.