How much did YouTube pay creators for 2021? Comparison of statistics of 14 channels.


Are you curious how much creators earn from AdSense on YouTube? I compared the earnings of 14 different YouTube channels that shared this information with their viewers. Some of the earnings were in British pounds and euros, so I converted them to US dollars. Among the channels are big and small. The largest has more than 2 million subscribers on YouTube, and the smallest has 5,000 subscribers. Here are the results.

YouTube earnings for 2021 and number of views.

How much did YouTube pay per thousand views in 2021?

These results are CPM or (cost per mille). This is the amount an advertiser pays to have their ad displayed 1,000 times. The differences are very large, as on these 14 channels the CPM ranged from $1.5 to over $22. CPM depends primarily on the topic of the video. Channels related to money and finance earn the most from ads.

How much does YouTube pay a creator for 1 hour of viewing their video?

There are big differences here, too. Creators earn between 4 cents and 28 cents for every hour their video is viewed.

Does average movie viewing time affect earnings?

Well, it looks like it’s not. A video that viewers watch for more than 7 minutes can earn either $6 or $19 per thousand views. Much more important than length is the subject of the video.

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