How many stocks can I trade on eToro?



2732. This is the number you came here for.


When I was choosing a broker for trading on the stock market, I never asked myself this question. This doesn’t look that important for many of us. But in Investorean, we love data. And this is another interesting metric that is worth researching and sharing. We have integration with different brokers, and of course, we’re aware of the number of stocks traded on brokers we support.

What else do we know?

The number of stocks is changing. This is another lesson that we have learned. The stocks are constantly updating. Some are being added, some others are being removed. Therefore, the total number of stocks on eToro is constantly changing. You can see changes pretty much every week, often even more than once a week.

How can you get the actual number?

Counting the total amount of stock on eToro is not a trivial task. You may know this if you have ever used the platform. But you can get the answer in one second if you go to the Investorean Stocks. Just select eToro broker in the dropdown. Then ensure the filter is not set (you can click the Reset button) and then scroll down to the results table. Right under the results, you will see the total number of found stocks.

Investorean — select broker
Investorean — stocks search results

What else would you like to know about eToro stocks? Let’s discuss it in the comments.

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