Honeypot Company Portrait Series: Deep Neuron Lab

  1. Deep Neuron Lab is a fascinating company name — what lies behind it? What is your mission?
  2. What are the values at Deep Neuron Lab? What does the company culture look like?
  3. Let’s take a look at the Tech-Tem in particular!
  4. Thank you for sharing all these insights!

Today’s Company Portrait features a company with a name that definitely sparks interest: Deep Neuron Lab.

One thing can be revealed: Yes, it’s about artificial intelligence. And about finance.

We asked Iason Georgakopoulos, Co-Founder & CPO, to tell us more about the company, its mission and culture.

Iason Georgakopoulos, Co-Founder & CPO Deep Neuron Lab

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Deep Neuron Lab is a fascinating company name — what lies behind it? What is your mission?

Our vision is to make financial data available and understandable for everyone because the financial data of companies should be a common good to everyone. Unfortunately, to this day this data is either owned by a few selected corporations or buried in a pile of semi-structured PDF documents. We are trying to change that by building tools to extract financial data from financial reports. We are doing so by starting with individual cases and improving our algorithms. In the long run, we can then automate the whole data structuring process of key financials, market analysis or ESG-data.

What are the values at Deep Neuron Lab? What does the company culture look like?

Our organisational culture is a unique and important attribute of our company and is inevitably shaped by each individual team member. We have established a connected and nurturing but at the same time flexible environment in which everyone feels comfortable and belonged.

There’s no feeling of hierarchy, as everyone is level-eyed, which is reflected in the way we engage with one another. We don’t just see ourselves as co-workers but like to spend time together outside of the office hours, as team spirit is very important to us. We focus on transparency and communication while being dedicated and motivated to perform our tasks and achieve our goals.

Let’s take a look at the Tech-Tem in particular! How big is it? Which roles are involved? What are they working on?

Our development team consists of 10 genius engineers and we are continuously growing.

We have 5 backend developers that mainly design, develop, test, and debug responsive web applications while creating new features and improving processes.

Our data science team recently grew and we now have 2 data scientists and 1 data engineer. On a day-to-day basis they work on solving problems that involve text classification and question-answering using cutting-edge NLP. They further support the backend team by tackling data engineering-related tasks.

The frontend team currently consists of 2 developers that develop new features and write automated tests for quality insurance. Their main responsibilities lie in providing the optimal user experience.

Our entire team consists of 14 team members who are originally from 5 different continents. Seeing as our team members are from Colombia, Mexico, USA, Greece, Germany, France, Spain, Nigeria, South Africa, and India our lingua franca within the team is English.

When we recruit, we mainly look for three specific skills. The first is technical skills related to the specific role and its responsibilities. The other two skills are soft skills, such as communication and team fit. We are a team that works very closely together, which is why we pay special attention to every candidate’s team fit and whether they match our dynamic.

What does the tech-stack look like?

As you can see in the framework below, our developers use state-of-the-art technologies. Furthermore, we are proud to say that every developer that has worked on our code base for the notes auditor is still a loyal employee with us — and we do not plan to change that :)

How has Deep Neuron Lab adapted to the challenges of the Covid pandemic?

Throughout the pandemic, we have become more flexible and adopted work-from-home possibilities. Many of our international employees relocated to Berlin which is why we wanted to offer the option to come to work at our office. We let our employees decide whether they would like to work from home or come to the office when the current regulations allowed it. As the severity of the pandemic wore off, we have opted to remain flexible and continue to let our employees decide where they would like to work.

However, to ensure optimal communication and collaboration throughout the phase of working remotely, especially during the pandemic, we adopted several short daily meetings with the entire team. Additionally, we have implemented digital coffee breaks to make sure that the entire team stayed in touch and felt connected during these times of isolation.

Whenever the regulations allowed it we encouraged the team members to meet for social activities such as playing soccer together in the park. We wanted to display pictures and videos from our most recent event — but we had too much fun and forgot to take our phones out! We had an awesome St. Patrick’s Day party — with a competitive pub quiz & enjoyed a few equally as competitive rounds of bowling together :)

Last but not least: What are the perks of working at Deep Neuron Lab?

Let me share some of the benefits and perks that we offer our employees. The continuous improvement of our employee’s development skills is utterly important to us. These developments can be accomplished by offering high-quality code reviews as well as through active coaching.

Active coaching enhances our employee’s personal development by conducting quarterly feedback meetings where we talk about concrete improvement suggestions and feasible actions. Additionally, we support greenfield projects and have set aside a budget for learning.

Through our state-of-the-art tech stack, we enable our employees to try new technologies and broaden their technical knowledge.

We also offer all of our employees 50€ vouchers that can be used for numerous different shops.

Thank you for sharing all these insights!

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