Here’s your second chance to make a million with DRIP crypto — seriously.

  1. Making millions and living the dream, all thanks to DRIP crypto.

If you thought you missed the boat, here’s your second chance.

In life, we often face obstacles to achieving what we want, and more often than not our brain gets in the way. We’re told to strive for perfection (or near perfection), and then we internalize these feelings which hinders our ability to make an effective decision. If we get it wrong, we feel like we suck.

Here’s the kicker though — and something I learned very early on:

Investing is a mind game and we’re often driven to make decisions by emotions rather than clear rationale. Perfect timing is a myth and so is being able to predict exactly what’s going to happen. Getting into a market is better than not being in it at all (usually), so take the long-term view and put your ego aside.

This brings me to DRIP. Over the past few months DRIP has experienced a rapid trajectory. I made my first investment back in November and also recall contemplating whether $21.50 was the right price or whether I could pick a more ‘perfect’ point to jump in. I stewed on this for about two weeks.

In the end, I told my ego and emotional brain to shut the fuck up and did some research. I reviewed the developers past projects, got involved with the community, looked at the player growth, and learned about some of the new upcoming initiatives that would increase DRIP’s utility in the long run.

I’m glad I got in when I did and don’t regret it for a second.

Now, you may be in the same position that I was and that’s cool. But hoping for a set of triggers to materialize is not a strategy. Instead, your DRIP strategy should be built on two assumptions: your timing will be imperfect so don’t let this get in the way of your confidence, and two, recognise that the utility of DRIP is driven by growing user adoption with price being an ‘effect’.

Over time, we can all end up in roughly the same place and generate a very healthy ROI, regardless of where we started.

So here’s your second chance.

It’s been an exiting week for DRIP, with the lead up into the New Year seeing the price skyrocket to ~USD $100. This was driven by new features released on the Manor Farm, as well as additional partnerships and marketing. But the price action may have also driven potential DRIPers to ‘watch and wait’.

DRIP hit an all time high on 2 January, reaching USD $100, with speculation it would go higher

Since then the excitement has temporarily eased and the price of DRIP has reduced to ~USD $60. For would-be investors, this is great news because it provides a more comfortable entry point into DRIP, knowing that DRIP has the potential to reach and exceed the USD $100 all time high.

As of 7 January, the price of DRIP is about USD $60 and is currently steady

So if you’re still concerned about the ‘what if’ or ‘if now’, don’t be. Confront these emotional limitations and take the plunge. By all means don’t run from them completely, but create some distance between your ego and recognise that there’s never a perfect time to invest, only a better time—and that time is now.

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What is DRIP?

DRIP is a project created on the Binance Smart Chain that can provide passive income through smart contracts in Defi. The DRIP Token can be bought with BEP20 BNB. The contract provides a 1% daily ROI which you can compound to provide an ROI up to 365% and an APY of 3,678%. Do the maths here.

How to Start

1. Go to and exchange your BNB for DRIP.

2. Deposit at least 1.12 DRIP (Ensure you have about 0.05 BNB in your wallet for the first few hydrations and any other transaction fees). I recommend starting with 10 DRIP to accelerate your rewards.

3. Navigate to the DRIP Faucet and enter my buddy address in the referral section: 0x5f296401d49172D465d084DCc5462C343c1de48E

4. In the Faucet, enter the DRIP you wish to deposit and click ‘Deposit’.

5. You’re now setup on DRIP. Get ready to receive 1% daily. Then every 24 hours click the ‘Hydrate’ button to re-compound your earnings.