Helios Fund


Helios fund described as an investment edge fund that leverages mining in crypto-currency to maximize profit potential specifically for the retail investor.

How is Helios Fund able to do this?

Well the crypto mining industry is one that’s dominated by large money and big industry players for various reasons. Let’s get into them

Mini Intro

The crypto industry is tagged as removing the central players in terms of finances and giving control back to the people. When the central players are removed, there is a void created as this players do play a role in terms of verification and processing of transaction. This void id filled on the block-chain through consensus mechanism, consensus mechanisms make the basis of how transaction are processed and approved and the addition of blocks to the block-chain. The users who perform this function are called Miners, the term may vary depending on the block-chain and the consensus mechanism used but their functions are relatively the same.

When miners perform their functions, they are rewarded. These reward incentivized miners to keep doing their job and anyone can become a miners but some limitation allow it to be limited to individual with access to large amounts of money. Take an example of two common consensus mechanism, i.e. Proof of stake and proof of work.

Proof of work

As the name implies, proof of work requires work to be done which comes at an expense of mining rigs (equipment’s) and, high electricity consumption. The rigs can become quite expensive as you are competing against other miners and the better their rigs are, yours has to be on the same level to compete or even better to win. This leads to high electricity consumption and you can guess how much this all costs. In addition, Some Sellers / manufactures of mining rigs sell faulty or inefficient rigs branded as good leading to even more costs for miners.

Proof of stake

As the name also implies it requires miners or preferably validators as they are called to have a stake and the validators shouldn’t go offline for long period of time. The minimum stake requirement can become quite large requiring more money to participate and while the mining equipment’s are not required to be on the same level as proof of work, validators need to stay pretty much online 24hrs a day which can be problematic for miners in areas with fluctuating electricity.

Helios Fund

Helios fund sees this and provides alternatives by pooling in the resources of all the retail investors, which combined, becomes a pretty large sum and invest in crypto-currency through mining. Helios fund is transparent to its investors concerning all their financials and takes it a step further by running its mining operations in area where electricity isn’t as expensive as most areas, buying mining rigs at discounts and making sure the quality are top notch allowing it’s investors to make an annual percentage yield of up to 300%.

The process

When users deposit, their funds is used to add more mining power from a basket of different cryptocurrencies selected by Helios cost-efficiency ratio, durability, amount held in the pool, volatility of the coin, mining profitability, long-term outlook of the cryptocurrency, such as projected future returns and risk- reward ratio. The generated mining rewards is injected into Helios’s mining finance protocol where it swapped strategically to Bitcoin that keeps on growing and is held indefinitely on Helios balance sheet.

Investing in Helios

Investors can invest in Helios easily by going to their website and they can remove their funds anytime, although there is a 1 year minimum timeframe before any investment can be removed, or the investor can choose to reinvest their profits through Helios’s accumulation mode. If an investor chooses to withdraw profits or investments, they can do so in any crypto-currency of their choice.

Helios Fund Token (HFT)

It’s the native token of Helios and runs on Ethereum network but also a tokenized version on the Binance smart chain network with only 21 million to ever exist.

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Useful links:

Helios Fund Website: Helios Fund | Investment Hedge

Heliso Fund Twitter: https://twitter.com/FundHelios

Helios Fund Telegram: https://t.me/fundhelios

Helios Fund Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heliosfund.io

Helios Fund Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/heliosfund

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