GIN Finance - UI Design


GIN Finance is the ultimate defi solution on the Boba Network. It is secured by leading auditors, led by well-connected team. We are dedicated to create an innovative and unique trading platform that can bring the Boba Network users and investor together as a tenacious community. Furthermore, we aim to develop to become the prestige decentralised exchange in boba network, that will be influential to the decentralised finance Industry.
The ultimate goal of Gin finance is to set up a most user-friendly decentralised exchange. Not only it creates an accessible platform for Defi beginner, but also provide a more untroublesome front-end product for other users. Moreover, with its efficient swap, staking model and whitelist trading, it will be the best solution to asset liquidity and exchange for everyone.
Overall, our team we communicate closely with the user for feedback to keep improving our decentralised exchange. We will ensure we build and update the product as quickly as possible, while maintaining the user-friendly and safety of the product. We will continue to come up with innovative solution that will push the boundaries of decentralised exchange.

The challenge - The project was designed from scratch on the BOBA chain.


Final design - Refined prototype

Home page
Trade page
Pool page
Farm page - card display
Farm page - list display
Empty state
Pop-ups page

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