GCS Ecosystems


The value of the GCS Token is derived from its strong five-part-ecosystem. The The GCS ecosystem, unlike many token projects consists of real assets which have already been acquired and ready to run with some catalyst in the form of an active community of GCS Holders.

The GCS Ecosystem consists of:

  1. Minting of XAUs

XAUs digitally minted using BEP20 smart contracts will be backed by an off-chain 0.425 grams physical gold. The physical gold will be minted physically in Goldchainex’s Gold Refinery located in Malaysia. The minted gold will be stored within audited independent custodian bank vaults. The GCS community earns a small fee for each XAUs that is minted, which is shared with GC token holders. XAUs with an intrinsic value of gold offers many benefits and solutions to creating and preserving wealth. This should make XAUs very popular amongst beginner and experienced gold traders alike leading to solid demand.

2. Market Maker Leverage Trading

GCex Trading Venue will combine state of the art software and hardware components of market maker matching engine technology to match trades through multiple liquidity providers. GCex Trading Venue offers game changing technology, allowing the creation of a new generation of arbitrage, transparent, distributed, and independent trading using XAUs. GCex ecosystem will earn a margin on the XAUs traded weight spread

3. Bank Tokenization

GCex will be working with banks, will open opportunities for banks to tokenize gold held as security into XAUs. GCex will enter a profit-sharing agreement with banks for the tokenization of gold into XAUs. This revenue will be return to the GCS ecosystem.

XAUs tokenization benefits to banks are:

  • Up-to-date mark-to-market gold balance sheet value.
  • Reduced insurance costs relating to holding of gold security.
  • XAUs BEP20 smart contract eliminates human reporting and transaction errors.
  • Simplicity in disposing of unclaimed and forfeited gold security.
  • Avoids discounting to achieve immediate sale or sale of large gold weight.
  • Improve risk gearing management.
  • Opportunity to create other derivative products.

4. GC Exchange

The World’s First Shariah Compliant Crypto Exchange and a Regulated exchange licensed by the Lithuanian Financial Crime Investigation Service. It will be a platform that allows users to buy or invest in digital assets with ease and trade cryptocurrencies at low fees. It would also be the one and only crypto exchange to issue it’s native token, the GCS token.

5. Biometric Wallet

The biometric wallet will be the world’s first biometric wallet, minimizing risk of theft and loss of both public and private keys. This wallet employs high end to end encryption to protect private keys, increasing security while reducing transaction complexity. An additional security feature is the use of a biometric fingerprint. The wallet allows for the storage of GCS tokens, XAUs tokens, and other cryptos.

These ecosystems provide a pathway to long-term GCS token price appreciation through the GCS ecosystems returning cash flow to the GCex (GC Exchange) liquidity pool. The GC Exchange has already been established and was launched on the 30th March 2022 whereas the other ecosystems are still under development. XAUs and Biometric wallets are expected to be issued during the 3rd Quarter of 2022 whereas the rest will follow soon after.

The GCS tokens provide the opportunity to undertake Halal transactions (free from usury) around the digital economy base market for the Islamic Community that is currently an undeserve crypto asset market of 1.9 billion people worldwide. Hence, this would not only attract the Islamic Community but everyone worldwide.