GC Exchange — Bridging the Gap between Islamic Finance and Modern Capital Markets


The launch of the GC Exchange was a huge success on 30th March 2022 following the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) of their very own GCS Token, which is exclusively available in the GC Exchange, that ended on the 15th April 2022 which sold all of the 110,000 tokens supplied and with 1700 participants altogether.

GC Exchange will establish a cryptocurrency platform, exchange and services that are Shariah Compliant and based on Mudarabah principles. In Islam economics, Mudarabah principle is ‘a profit sharing arrangement between two partners, the financer and the person that provides a service or business expertise’ (islamic-banking.com). This will create a global infrastructure based on fair and just principles in trading for everyone throughout the world. After vetting through all the product, conduct and mechanism of the GC Exchange, the International Halal Assurance has issued a Halal Certification for Shariah Compliance to GC Exchange, making it the World’s First Shariah Compliant Crypto Exchange in the market.

Certificate of Shariah Compliance issued by IHA

Aims and Objectives

GC Exchange aims to solve the problem of usury and unfairness, and to grow the Muslim participation around the digital economy. It is estimated that there is an undeserved market of 1.9 billion Muslim people worldwide and a projected volume of 3.8 trillion US dollars worth of Shariah assets alone.

How is GC Exchange Different?

Due to the Shariah based nature of the exchange and its strict adherence to Shariah law, GC Exchange offers investment opportunities with a minimum risk as opposed to future and leverage trading, that are speculative in nature. It unique positioning in the market should not only be attractive to the Muslim Community but also non-Muslims, whom are seeking for a safe and secure, yet productive return on their investment through Amanah Smart Contracts, Liquidity Pool Trading, Sukuk Products and Qirad Market Maker.

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