Funding with Cryptocurrency


In the last few years cryptocurrencies have morphed from investment to utility. The Bitcoin investment is not antiquated, but newer currencies use smart contracts to achieve goals such as funding building projects or charity efforts. This smart contract has the potential to change the world around us in so many ways that we can barely imagine. Let’s look at a few examples of what developers have done so far — and what is possible.

Some cryptocurrencies set aside a few percentage points for dog shelters, some build NFT platforms, and some companies are using smart contracts to secure liquidity, fund research and development, and reward their investors with “reflections”.

A cryptocurrency developer can build just about anything into a currency and allocate funding towards green engineering projects, building cool cars, robots or even funding Aerospace projects. A company can set aside a small portion of each trade to fund low-earth orbit habitats or build a new space station. Crypto can fund deep space exploration, ISRU missions, and even fund terraforming of other planets.

Imagine using crypto to fund robotics development. A small portion of the purchase can pay for engineers, and designers who create new robots. It can pay for the mass production and distribution of these robots, even cover the costs of developing AI. The entire project from start to finish can be funded by the trading of a particular cryptocurrency, and the company can even make the company non-profit since all funding is provided by the currency sale.

A new Tesla type company can be created from scratch with a cryptocurrency and develop affordable electric cars. This new company can also be a non-profit company that pays its employees top salaries, and benefits, and ultimately sells its cars for a fair price.

Cryptocurrency can fund infrastructure. It can build bridges and tunnels. You can redevelop an entire section of town, or build a farming co-op. The list is endless, anything you can imagine can be funded this way. It is the future of finance.

DETAILS: How does this all work? It’s all in the code.

The underlying computer code is called the smart contract. The contract can contain any data including reserving and allocating research and development funds for any project. For instance, one currency called The Bird Coin funds: Aerospace, Robotics, and Blockchain. THEBIRD applies a 3% fee attached to each trade. This fee will generate the capital needed for these three divisions through 2027. The interesting thing about this project is, all three projects are intertwined and related to mining the moon.

The 1% Aerospace R&D will develop the Bird Corporation’s ISRU projects for the lunar surface. The Robotic R&D fund will develop their “Ablative-Arc Robotic” (BAARZ) project for lunar collections, and the Blockchain R&D fund will develop the HOOT blockchain which will mint its own currency in the future and track all expenditures and profits from ISRU projects to the (GSR) Global Relief Fund.

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