Freeway Friday Update — 20th May 2022


In This Week’s Edition of The Freeway Weekly Update, You Get An In-Depth AMA on Freeway’s Unique Growth Model And We’re Stepping Up Our Hiring Plans.

Inside this week’s edition of the Freeway Friday update you’ll find:

  • Freeway’s Growth Stats
  • Freeway Hiring Gathers Pace
  • Exciting New Tech Upgrades
  • №1 on TrustSwap
  • Guerrilla of the Week: B D
  • Agent Alpha On: Be A Monetarist At Heart
  • Tuesday’s AMA

Hey #FreewayFam,

Our community mods have been super busy this week, which is no surprise as the effects of last week’s meltdown continue to be felt throughout the crypto market.

Understandably, it has caused many to question their crypto choices more closely and seek the reassurance that comes from greater scrutiny.

But this extra due diligence is good news for Freeway.

Because it’s a great opportunity to build awareness of our strengths, and explain how Freeway’s business model is able to remain stable, even in the most volatile market conditions.

My Co-CEO Graham discussed this at length in Tuesday’s community AMA, which you can read in full using the link at the bottom of this week’s update.

And I’d like to reassure all the FreewayFam that not only is it business as usual for Freeway, but business is very much booming!

In the last week alone, the difference between buy orders and sell orders for Freeway Superchargers showed a weekly net increase of approximately $7.8 million.

If we can grow like that in an uncertain market, there really is no stopping us!

Check out the latest Freeway growth stats in full…

Latest Freeway Growth Stats

There’s no flies on Freeway as our rapid growth continues to prove in any market conditions. Our numbers for last week look like this:

  • Total Freeway users worldwide = 21,547
  • Total Supercharger simulations = $143,610,990.30
  • Supercharger buy orders = $12.76m
  • Supercharger sell orders = $4.92m
  • Freeway Tokens staked = 5.674 billion
  • % of circulating supply on Freeway = 86.518%

Freeway Hiring Gathers Pace

Freeway has ambitious growth targets and we’re doubling our efforts to hire more great people and build on our success.

We always look to the FreewayFam first to hire passionate, motivated people with a love of crypto and Freeway.

We have roles available across the business, including Accounting, Tech, Administration, HR, Business Development, Institutional Sales and Crypto Sales.

If that sounds like you, or someone you know, please get in touch via the careers page on our website, or use the link below.

Exciting New Tech Upgrades

We’ve brought some new tech updates online recently to give users more options for access and control.

Swaps went live again last week, allowing users to switch between crypto, fiat and stablecoin denominated Superchargers instantly, with one free swap every 24 hours and extra swaps available for a 5% fee.

And this week, we’ve added the option of choosing USDC for any sell orders you submit.

That means, you’re free to submit a Supercharger sell order at any time you want and you can lock in the simulation price immediately with a choice of stablecoins, including the new USDC option.

Remember, if your notice period is longer than 0 days, the sell order will be processed when the notice period ends, so locking down the simulation price in stablecoin Superchargers can help you get the outcome you want.

Freeway Is №1 On TrustSwap

We’re big fans of TrustSwap at Freeway and it appears that their users are big fans of Freeway too.

TrustSwap sent us confirmation this week that Freeway is officially the top performing project on the Trustswap launchpad.

And we’re not planning to give up our №1 spot any time soon.

Guerrilla of The Week: B D

TG: @BigDurkadurk Twitter: @Freewaywhale

BD has taken his passion for being part of the FreewayFam to a whole new level after renaming his Twitter account after Freeway! A little less active on Telegram, but BD is certainly very busy in the Twittersphere.

We are glad you’re so impressed with the addition of the GBP Supercharger and we wanted to recognize your efforts in telling the world about it, with this week’s GOTW!

Please continue to be so positive amongst the community. We notice you, we appreciate you, and we thank you for all your efforts.

Agent Alpha On: Be A Monetarist At Heart

Disclaimer: Agent Alpha’s statements are market commentary and not financial advice.

I am a monetarist at heart and I view the current market psychology, that the FED is behind the curve with regards to policy fighting inflation, as being completely wrong. The FED, et al (other Western Central Banks, ECB, BOE), are actually way in front of the curve if we look at this from an M supply perspective.

That’s how to frame these financial markets and I consider this current period one where the financial markets are incrementally coming around to this realisation.

‘Velocity of money’ markers are in freefall and fixed income markets are now buying into the narrative of policymaker overkill, in the sense that recession probability is rapidly rising in the USA and in Europe.

We have seen this week a heavy ‘bid’ dynamic across fixed income markets, with flattening curve dynamics, which means that the fixed income markets are now BUYING because they fear recession, rather than selling because they ‘believe’ rate hikes are coming.

So now we haveoverkill in play’ and investors should be asking themselves this fundamental question, which is a question that I repeatedly frame in different ways. Will the FED (ECB, BOE) carry out this overkill in policy or not? Because if the answer is no, ultimately they will not (which is the answer), then that in itself determines the investment skew ahead.

And what is that investment skew? What we call long duration favoured assets (those that benefit from LOWER rate curves), which essentially are high growth plays. The latest Bank of America Fund Management Survey tells us the mass investment community is now MASSIVELY underweight in these! (See Agent Alpha on Wednesday this week.)

I’m using the US M2 YoY chart below to make this point. M2 being a money supply metric.

It shows delayed BBG data from March 2022 as the last print. The current real-time number is going to be way lower now (most likely negative), and this is BEFORE the FED has moved at all on QT (Quantitative Tightening), which means ‘overkill’ risk is massive when/if it does.

We can overlay many macro-economic US sentiment markers onto this M supply metric, historically speaking, to see how the relations to future economic path reacts to M supply on a delayed feed through. But the point is simplistic enough, namely demand kill and inflation kill has already been achieved by the FED without actually having done much already AT ALL.

Therefore, for the FED (et al) to stay on the path that they haven’t even yet begun is macro-economic suicide.

So, to be clear, my view is QT will prove far smaller than expected, and the FED FUND terminal rate (the rate the interest rate will get to), will settle far lower than the latest investment manager poll from Reuters would have us believe. This today, for May, has come in at 2.5%-2.75% by year end vs previous forecast of 2%-2.25% in the April poll for that FFR.

Following on……

I want to draw attention to the most IMPORTANT CHART of them all, which is Global M Supply vs Risk Assets.

But before we get to that on Global M supply, consider this key contributing liquidity factor, and the latest calculation on the magnitude of the Chinese stimulus, which analysts are starting only now to appreciate. This is thought to amount towards c. $5.3 Trillion of additional monetary input into the global system in 2022. Think on that magnitude for a second, because that amount is vs the implied QT from the FED, which on current indications will pull c. $1 Trillion this year out of the system this year — SHOULD THEY OF COURSE FOLLOW THROUGH.

The differential equates to +$4.3 Trillion in Global M Supply when matching the two off. Therefore, NOT a NEGATIVE outcome at all, but the complete opposite in terms of a forthcoming POSITIVE liquidity surge to global liquidity aggregate equations, that myopic Western financial markets currently seem to be completely missing!

And let us not forget Japanese QE infinity splurging DAILY Yen into the global system too.

Back to the most important chart therefore = Global M Supply Below vs NDX (Nasdaq).

You can see the relation obviously, but the n/t uptick (white arrow) is well worth highlighting as this has moved higher once again towards the $100 Trillion line. And has done so, as markets this week freaked out once again to the downside (orange line). So the direction this M Supply number is now moving in — to that Chinese/Japanese ‘drum beat’ — is Asian stimulus filtering through now in real time. And this should tell us all we really need to know re: risk markets ahead.

BULLISH — this whole period is a MASSIVE structural BUYING opportunity, as investors judging by the latest BoA Fund Manager Survey are COMPLETELY and grossly U/W (See Wednesday Alpha update).

My conclusion

The FED are in overkill territory now, they are AHEAD of the curve and poised to commit the cardinal sin once again that the FED historically ALWAYS does, it KILLS the economy by failing to read the runes.

If we consider other Western Central Banks, is it realistic that the ECB is going to hike and pull liquidity, as the members currently seem to be trying to convince themselves and markets that they are? That’s simple fantasy land stuff. And the BoE? I think perhaps with Governor Bailey more alive to this monetarist overkill risk than his Western Central Bank peers, it is unlikely much further tightening and liquidity withdrawal is going to come from the UK either.

And I close with this 48-hr observation that I think is increasingly VERY interesting indeed.

Bitcoin’s correlation to Nasdaq is loosening.

As Tether moves to hold MORE USD cash and short term paper, considering the implosion risk should it not do so in light of what happened to Terra, the point I made last week — that perversely Terra could prove positive for the entire space — well it’s looking increasingly likely to be the right read.

Until next time!


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Until next week,

Sadie Hutton
Co-Founder and CEO

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