Founders of the GCex and GCS Tokens


GCex and GCS tokens are founded by a group of passionate and driven individuals that aims to establish a global infrastructure based on fair and just principles in trading for everyone throughout the world. Their goal is to solve the problem of usury and unfairness, and to grow the Muslim participation in the digital economy. There is an estimate of 1.9 billion Muslim population worldwide, which is considered as an underserved market in the digital economy with a projected volume of 3.8 trillion of Shariah assets. As a result, GCex will be able to bridge the gap between Islamic Finance and Modern Capital Markets.

The main founders of GCex and GCS Tokens are Mr. Naved Masud, Ms. Farah Dinie binti Shamsudeen Yunus and Mr. John Joseph Pellegrini.

  1. Mr. Naved Masud

Mr. Naved is the Co-Founder and the Head of Islamic Compliance. He holds a Masters in Business Admin (MBA) from Punjab University Pakistan and has completed ACCA Level 1 & 2 certification in the UK. He was an accountant at Price Waterhouse in the UK and later audit manager at Wine & Co Chartered Accountants in UK. After which, Navid joined Euro Fence Coatings Ltd. as Sales Director where he oversaw expansion, technology, and manufacturing capacity development. His experience has given him unrivaled knowledge of corporate dealings and Islamic compliance.

2. Ms. Farah Dinie binti Shamsudeen Yunus

Ms. Farah Dinie is the Co-Founder and Business Development. She pursued her studies in Graphic Design and later pursued her Masters of Business Admin (MBA) that she current holds. Prior to joining GoldChain, Farah has worked in business development with responsibility for delivering financial technology innovation at United Capital Management. Her experience has granted her extensive knowledge that includes supporting startup business within various B2B and B2C fintech sectors including UniEBS Pte. Ltd..

3. Mr. John Josephn Pellegrini

Mr. John Pellegrini is the CO-Founder and Chief Financial & Blockchain Analysis. He holds a Bachelors in Physics, Grad. Dip. (Physics) and an MBA in Finance. He has worked at some of the leading international banks, investment banks, commodities exchanges in New York, Chicago, London, Sydney, and Singapore. John has extensive knowledge trading fiat currencies, and variety of commodities. Prior to joining GoldChain, John served as Senior Director at N.M. Rothschild & Sons, in trading and risk management.

4. Mr. Dimitri Rizzi

Mr. Dimitri Rizzi is educated in Law and holds a Masters in Business Admin (MBA). He has over eight years of business experience within finance for a variety of businesses including several startups in a range of industries including oil & gas, commodities, trading, and capital markets. He has completed successful listing of asset backed bonds on the Vienna Stock Exchange prior to joining the founding team.

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