Fortunas Finance

  1. Rations, Rebases and Results
  2. It all starts with a single step

Fortunas Finance is the first autostaking-protocol that gives YOU the chance to decide your fate. In Fortunas Finance, you act as an emperor in charge of your very own legion. It is up to your guidance and wisdom to help grow your empire’s wealth, and seize control of all of Europe.

After carefully listening to your generals, you drafted out 6 strategies, each utilizing your troops in different ways. Your troops or $FRTNA will yield different results based on where they are allocated.

1) 150% APY Guaranteed — Let your troops rest in the castle (i.e. just let tokens sit in your wallet)

2) 520% APY Guaranteed — commit your troops to the emperor (liquidity pool)

3) 3,746% variable APY- commit your troops to an easy battle against Spartacus (easy to win your rebases)

4) 9,476% variable APY — commit your troops to a medium battle against Attila the Hun (somewhat easy to win your rebases)

5) 147,705% variable APY — commit your troops to a hard battle against King Alaric (hard to win your rebases)

6) 3,941,013% variable APY — commit your troops to a very difficult battle against Hannibal, the most formidable enemy of Rome (much harder to win your rebases)

Rations, Rebases and Results

As an emperor, it’s your job to manage troop morale. Your legion can only last for 3 days without rations. After that, you will need to delegate funds to provide rations for your soldiers. But fear not! As your Legion marches on, their battle prowess grows to the beat of Mars’ chest. The longer you keep fighting, the greater the chances of stealing your enemy’s fortune!

After the third day of battle, you will need to keep your troops well fed and ready to fight with rations. The rations required will be equal to .1% per day of your total staked $FRTNA, distributed from your nation's treasury. (Your chance to collect rebases goes up by .5% every single day after the first 3 days of battle.)

Level 1: 1 extra day .1% of staked Fortuna

Level 2: 2 extra days .2% of staked Fortuna

Level 3: 3 extra days .3% of staked Fortuna

Level 4: 4 extra days .4% of staked Fortuna

Level 5: 5 extra days .5% of staked Fortuna

NOTE: You cannot lose your original Fortuna amount placed into battle, only your rebases.

NOTE: Once you are collecting 100% of rebases, your army will become exhausted and require more rations to stay in battle! Every day the number of rations required to keep them in battle will increase by 12.5%. For instance, on the first day of receiving all rebases, your ration amount will be .1125%; the next day will be .1266% of staked balance, etc.

It all starts with a single step

So what are you waiting for? Fortunas Finance puts your future in your hands. Will you turn the tides with the help of Fortuna herself? Or will you be on the wrong side of her influence?

And remember, the goddess of luck always favors men of action.