Forex Trading in Italy: Expert Analysis on Italian Financial Market and the List of TOP Regulated…


Italy ranks 4th in the list of economically developed countries in the European Union and 8th in the world in 2021–2022.

The Italian economy is a post-industrial mixed model that continues to increase its strength. Due to its traditionally strong economic position, Italy is a prominent member of the G8, the G7, the World Trade Organization and the OECD.

Technological development, a leading position in world exports and imports, free access to financial markets and strict government regulation make Italy boost attractiveness of forex market for local traders. In addition, the national currency euro is easily convertible, encouraging trading in currency pairs.

All this allowed the forex market to develop in the country, and international brokers to offer their services to local residents: the demand for them is growing year by year as forex opens up plenty of opportunities to earn money.

In our new article, we have covered all the features of trading in Italy in great detail and created a list of the top regulated brokers with which you can safely start trading right now.

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