Flywheel Technology,a cloud-native real-time data warehouse service provider,Raises $50M in Series…


36 KR got the news that Beijing flywheel Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Flywheel Technology), a real-time cloud-native data warehouse service provider,raises more than $50M in Series Seed Funding. The investors are IDG capital ,Sequoia China and several other VCs.

It is understood that flywheel technology was founded in December 2021 by Lian Linjiang, the former general manager of Baidu Intelligent Cloud big data and video cloud. The core members of the team come from Baidu, Tencent, Qianxin, Alibaba, Amazon, ByteDance, Ant Financial, Kwai and other domestic and foreign Internet and cloud computing companies.

Turning to the reasons for entrepreneurship, Lian Linjiang introduced to 36 krypton that the company’s core team had been deeply engaged in the field of big data analysis and cloud computing in the past, and was involved in the trend of Internet digital economy. In the context of accelerating the digital transformation of the whole society, the demand for real-time processing and application of big data in all walks of life is growing rapidly, and the requirements for analysis timeliness are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, the flywheel technology team hopes to contribute its technical experience and engineering strength to solve the pain points of the industry and build a real-time data warehouse with industry universality in the original era of cloud.

In terms of technology, flywheel technology said that its team has a deep understanding of big data, open source software and cloud computing. On this basis, the company will devote itself to Apache Doris (incubating), a real-time OLAP database independently developed and open-sourced by Chinese developers, as the starting point for the construction of real-time data analysis technology. In this regard, Lian Linjiang stressed that China still needs more open source technology contributors and ecological builders, and the primary positioning of flywheel technology is an open source technology company. Therefore, the team will also adhere to the core concept of open source and openness, continue to invest in R & D to build an open source community, continue to serve community users, and continue to enhance the international influence of Apache Doris (incubating) as an analytical database open source project with the majority of community developers.

In terms of products, flywheel technology will also develop a cloud native distribution SelectDB based on Doris kernel. SelectDB is a real-time data warehouse running on the cloud, providing users and customers with out of the box capabilities. According to reports, its main features are as follows: give full play to the advantages of elastic cloud computing and elastic cloud storage to achieve high cost performance; Provide visual and easy-to-use control platform and user interaction development platform. In addition, in terms of scene adaptation, the company said that its products have universal characteristics and are applicable to all business scenarios, which can help customers realize the processing and analysis of streaming, batch data, structured and semi-structured data in a set of architecture, and solve the difficult landing and operation and maintenance problems brought by heavy architecture.

In terms of market promotion, the company said that it would promote an open and win-win ecological cooperation strategy and is committed to cooperating with cloud manufacturers and ISV / Si, so that customers can enjoy a consistent product experience on each cloud. It can be seen that at present, many cloud manufacturers will provide their own data warehouse products, but in the view of flywheel technology, the cooperation between cloud manufacturers and independent data warehouse manufacturers is very common at home and abroad. The two sides can complement each other in different scenarios and jointly meet the diversified and differentiated needs of customers. In particular, the neutral position of independent data warehouse manufacturers is difficult to be replaced when customers choose cloudy scenarios. At present, flywheel technology has carried out cooperation with leading cloud manufacturers in the sector, and cooperation with more public cloud and Industry Cloud manufacturers will be gradually implemented. In terms of industry customers, flywheel technology said that in addition to the pan Internet, customers in automobile, finance, telecommunications, retail FMCG, transportation and logistics, energy, medical treatment, biopharmaceutical, industrial manufacturing and other industries also continue to establish contacts with flywheel technology and show strong interest in products.

In terms of team, Lian Linjiang, founder and CEO of flywheel technology, was once responsible for Baidu’s smart cloud big data, cloud storage, video cloud, enterprise application platform and other businesses, and has developed a large number of customers and commercialized revenue from zero to one. Yi Guolei, co-founder and CTO, once served as the technical director of Baidu Doris team and the head of Clickhouse of Tencent Cloud Architecture Platform Department. Xiao Kang, co-founder and VP of technology, once served as senior director of Qianxin ToB big data platform and technical director of 360 big data / cloud platform, and successfully delivered a large number of customers. Co founder and product VP Yang Yongqiang once served as the chief architect of Baidu AI Cloud storage department, leading the construction of cloud storage technology product system. He is also a core contributor to the Linux kernel community. On the whole, the founding team has more than ten years of deep experience in technology, products, open source operation and commercialization.