Flux 2022 goals — Non-code tech skills.


Let’s help you get into tech without learning how to code. Here’s everything you need to know.

The world is evolving faster and a fact remains that technology had come to stay and would only keep getting better in time. In the world today, almost every industry is now technology focused and reliant which reflects the importance of tech skills.

Flux + Entry level collaboration.

In another opinion, the tech industry is now related to be the fastest growing industry, most lucrative and perhaps, the best employer of labour. That means, anyone and everyone with an eye for commitment and innovation can succeed in the space with the massive opportunities provided in the tech space.
Technology owns the future and in fact, it is the future and the future of work. While unemployment still lingers as a cancer in Nigeria today, many are still unaware of the opportunities available in the tech industry while others are aware, but lack the skills needed to excel on the industry. However, transitioning in the tech space has become easier than ever before with no new degree required or a specific course of study. Another major advantage is that the tech industry has no location bias which opens the door for more people to maximize the opportunities available and be assured of their job security because tech skills will always be in demand.

As a Fintech organization, Flux has observed that coding or programming has made a lot of people develop a cold feet from getting into the tech space without the awareness that there are several options to explore that involve no coding. In bridging this gap, we have made ‘learning of non-coding tech skills’ a goal for the new year.
Flux in collaboration with entry level, an organisation that teaches tech skills applicable to existing employment opportunities seeks to empower more young people and prepare them for the future of work by making learning opportunities available to them at more affordable rates.

Here are the courses Entry level would make available for every Fluxer that opts into this program;

  1. Data Analysis.
  2. Growth Marketing.
  3. Product Management.

With this partnership, Flux has been able to cut down the fee per course by 95% making it at a $5 fee per-course instead of $100 per-course. With this more Nigerians are encouraged to gain experiences that will launch them into the tech industry, be equipped with high income skills and significantly reduce the risk of unemployment.

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