Flux 2022 goals — Fitness and Nutrition with Kemen.


Here is everything you need to know about our partnership with Kemen.

While everyone wants to look fit, trim, strong and healthy, not many people are fitness aware and a lot more are not so committed to living healthier lives. This is the case in Nigeria today and several factors attribute to it. For an average Nigerian, eating balanced nutrition, fitness and rest are three things that barely surface in the daily routine, because people are in a quest to just hustle and survive. Click here to register into the Fitness and Nutrition program for free

Kemen x Flux

This year, one of our goals at Flux is to promote fitness and nutrition. What we are trying to do is to raise awareness on the importance of exercise and good nutrition in a way that people are more conscious about the way they live to prevent deaths and decline in their health. In addition, the goal is to bring people steps closer to achieving a healthy lifestyle and help them redefine their fitness journey.

To achieve this, we have partnered with Kemen Fitness, a coporate wellness consultant & fitness coach to reckon with in the industry to provide Nigerians with experiences that will train, inspire them to embrace a beneficial lifestyle and be more committed to health and healthy living. Click here to register into this program for free.

Our partnership with Kemen would give everyone free access to:

  • Kemen’s online bite tabata sessions.
  • Virtual cardio sessions.
  • Live Fitness sessions and activities.
  • Fun fitness challenges weekly with cash prizes for the most active participants weekly.
  • Heathly nutritional tips and diet plans.

Click here to register into this program for free to build a sturdy and healthy fitness lifestyle. As we strive to correct several wrong perceptions about fitness and nutrition, our partnership with Kemen fitness ensures that wellness is affordable, convenient and possible. We believe people shouldn’t just look healthy, they should live it.