First Investigate Then Invest


Greetings everyone. As I said we will take our first step in our journey:

  • Learn To Do Fundamental Analysis

There are 5 basic steps which won’t perplex you as I will keep it FUNdamental. Mr.Gadget will assist you and give you bits and pieces of tricks in this section.

  1. Keep An Eye On The Project On Social Media

By doing so, you’ll not only get to know if the project has a large community supporting its cause but you’ll also be up to date with the progress of the project. Places such as Medium, Twitter, Telegram and Reddit would be a good starting point.

Mr.Gadget has some brilliant ideas for this part.

Hey Pal,

You can compare the date of joining of a project’s social media account and the info on a project’s website.

Watch out for members on telegram groups whether they are bots or not.

See if the project keeps up to their promises on social media accounts.

2. Get Used To Reading Whitepapers

Whitepapers are the most crucial things in a project. Even by doing just this, you can learn a lot about a project.

3. Cross Examine Each And Every Member Of The Team Behind The Project

A team will yield a fruit but a good team will yield a bowl of fruits. How qualified are they? Have they got a good reputation in the world of crypto? Are they going to be succesful?

Mr. Gadget has something to add:

Don’t forget to look into their Linkedin profiles :)

4. Has The Project Got A Future?

This is another important point.Unlike other titles, this one is a bit more abstract. As you improve yourself, you will be able to differiate a scam from a reliable project on first sight. Find the answers to the fallowing questions. Is this project realistic ? What will be the outcome?

5. Listen To Others But Don’t Forget To Filter.

Never forget that knowledge is valuable but not as valuable as your own knowledge.

Look! Mr.Gadget is flying away. He hopes to see you in another article.

Have a wonderful day…

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