Find Success by Seeking the Intensely Disliked

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash

One way to be contrarian is to seek the misunderstood, underfollowed, temporarily challenged and intensely disliked.

  • Which sectors are hated by investors?
  • Which industries are boring to entrepreneurs?
  • Which advertising platforms are underused by marketers?

This means trawling through sectors hitting recent lows in price, exploring unsexy ideas to build new products in staid industries, and considering Quora or Reddit for running your next advertising campaign.

You typically find value in where no one else is looking.

That makes sense, because people have found and exploited the obvious opportunities already. As time goes on, the opportunity is further and further away from where everyone else is paying attention.

So begin there instead.

That’s the new obvious place.

Clue: It’s probably a place that feels uncomfortable, risky or difficult.