Financial Freedom For Lazy People: 10 Simple Steps


Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does set you free. If you don’t have time to sacrifice hours for the cause, here are the 10 steps of how to achieve financial freedom.

How to achieve financial freedom
How to achieve financial freedom
  1. Work a remote (from home) job, so you can do your 9–5 whilst also working on your side hustle in-between those moments where you aren’t busy. Make sure you get everything done in your 9–5 so you’re highly valued in that business.
  2. Start a side hustle. I can’t give you this idea, but what are you good at? What do people pay you for? Focus and channel the extra hours you do have in building that business. Invest in it, put your earnings from your 9–5 into growing that part of your life.
  3. Know this won’t happen overnight. You need to be consistently growing this side project, which means growing your social presence and building an audience. If you don’t see results right away, keep going until you do.
  4. Budget everything, look at money as a tool to help you achieve your dreams, not as something to spend. Create a daily budget tracker and stick to it day by day. What you save should be put back into your side hustle or investments only, you don’t need material things.
  5. Pay yourself first. This means putting a specific amount of money in your savings account before paying anything else, such as bills and living costs. This way you guarantee that you’re always putting money aside to invest in yourself rather than using what’s left.
  6. Stop trying to act rich. Mark Zuckerberg literally wears the same boring t-shirt and jeans everyday. Blowing money on designer goods won’t get you anywhere except perhaps one person saying “that’s nice. ” Stick to the being happy with what you already have.
  7. Find multiple income streams. Your 9–5 can be one, your side hustle can be another, but find something else too. The ideal is, wait for it, 7 sources of income. Which is hard, but start small and build up. If you’re serious about financial freedom, you’ve got to sacrifice some blood, sweat, and tears.
  8. Start investing now. When the market is down, people often question whether it’s worth investing in stocks at all. But historically there’s never been a better time to invest. The magic of compound interest will grow your money exponentially over long periods if you just wait for them (and have some patience).
  9. Live well below your means. How did the wealthiest people in history live? They were allocating their money wisely and mastering a frugal lifestyle. It’s not as hard or difficult to become financially independent if you have an understanding about what it means. A lot of us think that we need expensive things in order for our lives to be happy — but this couldn’t be farther from reality. It’s actually quite rewarding to need less to be happy.
  10. Clear all you debt. The feeling of relief after you pay off your debts is universal. It doesn’t matter how much debt there was or if the person has any cash on hand, they’ll feel like their financial situation has improved greatly when all that’s left are small bills. You’re not saving anything if you still have 20K debts hanging over your head. Priortize these first, no matter how long it takes.