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Don’t Stress it. This is Simply Just Finance.

Hi everyone. So, I have recently started blogging on here at and I went forward and created a website in order to start and facilitate my Finance Club. Information on how to become a member is going to be listed below but before we jump in let me inform you of what are the benefits of becoming a member.

Members of my Finance Club will have access to exclusive financial information that will not be available on this blog nor anywhere else other than through my website at It will also give members the ability to get one-on-one advice from myself for free.

This Club is specifically suited for owners of small and medium-sized businesses but all are welcome especially since there are no fees attached to become a member. Membership is going to be separated into two (2) different groups. Group 1 is for Basic Members who will be able to access the exclusive content only. Group 2 is for Advanced Members who in addition to having access to the exclusive content will be able to have one-on-one interaction concerning business issues. Becoming a member is completely free. The information available on this blog will be available to all.

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To become a Basic Member please follow my page on and subscribe to receive email notifications. To become an Advanced Member, in addition to following my page and subscribing to emails, you will have to become a member on This can be done by following the instructions listed at Already a member on Then you are all set.

After completing the above, please send an email to [email protected] stating membership information. Your email address will be added to a list of members who will be allowed access to the exclusive content. It is that simple. An exclusive list will be available on my website. Only members will be able to view the content. A Dropbox account is needed for access to the information and you only need to become an Advanced member if you wish to get free consulting one-on-one concerning your business issues. Check out my website at for additional information including qualifications and free services being offered.

Send an email to [email protected] if any additional information is required.

Don’t Stress it. This is Simply Just Finance.