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Growing up I’ve always dreamt of leaving my country to go and live in one of the first world countries. From where I come from anyone who had the opportunity to travel to another continent either Asia, Europe and United states, was considered to be ‘rich’ and their whole family status was expected to change. Till today most people have that same dream to leave their ‘shitty’ country for a developed one that’s why it is very difficult to get a visa even if it is a medical emergency, unless you are from a well-off family or a politician you will most likely rot in the country.

I wanted to leave my country was because:

· Unemployment rate, was so high and is still high. It’s a jungle out here ‘survival for the fittest’, chances of you getting a job unless you have a connection with someone in the work place is very slim. Out here your college degree and even Masters means nothing, you have to leave aside your level of education to even get the lowest job you might get.

· Shitty politicians, the people who get elected only go to squander our taxes. No one has the decency to even try to change the situation of the country, they only have one goal and that is to accumulate enough money before their time is over. I wish my people would see that they are only pawns in their games, especially during the election period.

· Coin value against the dollar, the money value is not the worst you’ll find and it’s considered to be fine as compared to our neighboring countries. I believe we can be in a better position.

Last year the president announced that the country had gone into recession, I believe 70% of the people even knew what a recession is. We just continued with our daily life as if nothing had happened, recession or no recession we couldn’t tell the difference. If it was another country panic would ensue the people and the place would have been in chaos.

I am going to use United State as an example, growing up I always wanted to go and live there. The place seemed to be a utopia, no suffering, everyone was rich, good government which took care of its people and there was freedom. A land filed with milk and honey, that’s how I saw it.

When I turned 20, and got my first mobile phone is when I realized no country was perfect. I had access to the internet which changed my perspective on how I viewed these countries. From credit card debt to student loan, many people were carrying this baggage around. They didn’t seem to be any happier than us, in fact the more debt they had meant how long they had to work in their lives. I read somewhere that some people had a lot of debt the only way they could ‘pay’ is when they die, on which the debt would be written off. As long as you are alive and able to work, paying mortgages and students loan will always be on top of your priorities anytime you get your pay cheque. The only way to be happy is to avoid getting into unnecessary debts which is very difficult.

I recently watched a documentary about a certain country where inequality had ravaged its people, the country is at its prime on development many sky scrapers, beautiful schools, beautiful structures and roads but most especially the technological advancement in that country is unimaginable. On the outside the country seemed to be doing well and the citizens were pretty well off and happy, but on further digging the investigator found out that most people had no jobs. People would go to the extreme to even try and change their facial appearance to look more appealing so they could have an advantage of getting the job they are looking for. Many old people live in the streets begging for food and money, they don’t get any pension from the government and those who are lucky to get it still have to find a way of earning since it’s not enough to sustain them.

I realized that am the only person who can create a perfect place for myself and everyone around me. The world is changing and I have to adapt with the changes, don’t expect someone to come and save you, especially your government.

Thanks for reading my article! I have more on my page which might interest you. For those who don’t know me my name is Arnold am from Kenya and am 21 years. Thanks