Even if the crypto market is falling down you can still earn passively from it


In this short article I would like to describe the use of crypto assets to achieve passive returns, even when there is bear market.

In a historical moment where the economies are experiencing issuance and debt crises, suffering from geo-political repercussions, euro and dollar will inflate further.

Most stocks are also suffering the crisis, but it will become increasingly common to move liquidity into trustworthy equity assets that guarantee high passive returns through dividends or accumulation on funds, without having to lose value over the next 5 years.

Choosing to invest in cryptocurrencies now as never is a great way to create an investment in a new asset.

There are many strategies to make economic profits, surely buying BTC and keeping it will always pay off after a year or two.

Trading and exploiting volatility always has its risks, if you have other activities and do not have a high capital it risks not being worth the stress.

At the moment the crypto market situation it seems scary to trade daily for long-positions without a good strategy.


Like the stock market, the crypto market also offers various possibilities of passive returns, on the main exchanges there is a taste of the main offers on the Defi platforms, but if you want to use the most of the economic power of your crypto assets you need to use networks directly.

Binance Exchange already owns many financial tools such as Staking and Liquidity Pools. Both tools are also capable of using the auto-compounding strategy, which means that the earnings are daily used as investment in the same stake or pool.
In the long-term, auto-compounding can yield attractive passive income.

Staking is a process that involves committing the crypto assets (that use the proof-of-stake model to process payments) to support the blockchain network, earning a percentage. It can be done for a flexible time or blocking them for a specific duration.

The rules that determine the estimated APY for earnings and the ways of withdrawing can be different, read it about everytime.

Liquid Pools are places to swap two coins, also stablecoin. The liquidity holders earn a yield on the volume of transactions on the pool.

Flexiable and blocked staking on Binance
Liquid Pools on Binance

Direct use of the Ethereum mainnet currently has too high fees, so you would pay more than ten dollars for single trades.

Differently on BSC, fee are under the dollar, Polygon and Fantom under 0.20$, usually under 0.08 $.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is large, the assets and the networks involved are continuously increasing.

DappRadar, is a platwork to find useful dapps (DEFI platforms, Exchanges, Games, NFT oriented). I suggest to use it to explore the networks yourself.

You can deposit to your Metamask or Coinbase wallet from Binance or purchasing the crypto directly from the networks.

For example, on Quickswap (Polygon) you can also purchase USDC with USD/EURO through a Visa or a Mastercard.

Purchasing crypto on QuickSwap by Transak and Moonpay

On Quickswap you can swap coins with low fees and deposit your tokens into liquid pools used for these swapping.

Swap on Quickswap

Quickswap’s liquid pools give earning in a third coin, quick or dQuick.
Then, quick can deposit in another pool to leverage the earnings. The same strategy can be used on many other platforms (SpiritSwap, Geist, …).

Pancakeswap in the most used app on BSC and have interesting APY, also using stablecoins or BNB tokens.


On Fantom you can also explore NFT’s universe or find Exchanges and Defi platforms like Geist, Grim, SpookySwap, Spirit.

Both of the latter two, in addition to pools and rewards, allow trade between networks (ETH, BSC, Polygon, Fantom, …) across a bridge.

Spirit and Spookyswap

You can stake cryptos on the main project app like AAVE on AAVE.

AAVE staking (ERC-20)

Through AAVE it is possible to operate through Supply (also as collateral) and Borrow on Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Harmony and Optimism.

AAVE markets, supply and borrow APY

Three DApps on BSC, Polygon and Fantom are giving 2900% APY (8% daily):

BakedBeans, deposit and rewards in BNB on BSC
The Vineyard
, deposit and rewards in Matic on Polygon
SpookedBeans, deposit and rewards in Fantom on Fantom

Use my referal links to give me extra rewards

Here it is not possible to withdraw the deposited amount, just collect the rewards, with a re-deposit or withdrawal system.

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At the end, I would like to recommend those who are thinking to invest in the crypto market only through buy / sell to think about passive profits to cover the volatility of the market.