Entity: Invest Smarter in Elrond Projects


When researching new projects on Elrond, Entity can help you make smarter investment decisions. Check out the Entity Project Monitor and take your due diligence process to the next level.

Your hub for new projects

Finding the next gem on the Elrond Network can pay big dividends down the road. Even during a bear market, savvy investors will conduct research to identify the best new blockchain startups.

While there is no substitute for carefully doing your own research (DYOR), Entity helps make this process easier for Web3 investors. Our Project Monitor showcases projects from across the Elrond Network with transparent ratings, accessible information, and expert analysis.

Level up your research

The Project Monitor helps users avoid scams while easily discovering the most talented and trustworthy builders who are using EGLD, ESDT tokens, or Elrond NFTs. Updated regularly with major milestones, Entity empowers Elrond users throughout the entire investment process.

Featuring summaries, important links, and key info such as KYC and presale dates, Entity’s all-in-one interface makes doing your due diligence on the blockchain more efficient than ever before.

Discover expert insights

With a professional background in crypto research, the Entity Team wants to pass along their experience to all Elrond investors.

The Project Monitor features in-depth analysis including key strengths and weaknesses for every project. By identifying unique advantages as well as potential challenges, Entity helps investors consider all angles and make smarter decisions.

However, these key points are only part of Entity’s comprehensive review methodology.

Explore Entity’s rating criteria

Our Project Monitor provides an objective rating for each project that is based on 13 different metrics. This includes the Team, Product, Token, and Business aspects of each startup. Overall, these ratings provide a glimpse into the trajectory of a project and how far along it is in its development cycle.

For a breakdown of each category, select a project on the Project Monitor and click “Show details” next to their Entity Rating.

To learn how the Entity Team analyzes a range of key business metrics, check out the full explanation on the Review Criteria page of our Knowledge Base.

Know your own risk-reward threshold

Keep in mind, a “high” or “low” rating is not financial advice whether to invest or not in a particular project. Entity’s Project Monitor is simply another tool to help investors do their own research.

  • Projects that score under a 2.0 out of 5 might have a relatively high level of risk, but high risk can also potentially lead to high rewards.
  • Conversely, a rating over 4.0 is no guarantee that a project will succeed in the future.

Since a high rating often means a startup is further along in its life cycle, there might be more upside for investors in earlier stage projects. It all depends on your personal strategy and tolerance for risk.

Just like with our Reward Strategies module, we know everyone has their own individual investment criteria. That’s why we are committed to helping all types of investors DYOR and make smarter decisions.

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The Entity Team

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