Education and a person’s social standing in his/her community.


We all hear from our parents from childhood that we need to learn because it will affect our future lives. For example, every child in Ukraine has heard the phrase, “You need to study, or you will become a cleaner”. This is an old and persistent stereotype in our and other countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. But what is really hidden behind this phrase? We will find out today.

So, let’s explain everything in today’s realities. At present, higher education in Ukraine is not as popular as secondary education, but 79% of Ukrainians have studied or are studying in higher education and receiving vocational education. Of course, we want this figure to be higher, but first, let’s explain why we need higher education in general?

First, quality education affects people’s consciousness, position, and awareness, which are important components of a democratic society in modern countries. This will help in the future to be aware of the politics of their country, to analyze what is happening, and to be able to choose power not by human factors but by the right priorities for their country.

Secondly, education impacts the development of the country’s economy. One of the most significant impacts of education on society is the provision of skills that people need to compete in the global labor market and to produce technological products that can be sold in the open international market.

Third, a person with higher education is a ready specialist with practical skills in work.

Fewer mistakes — higher quality.

Because of mistakes, the number of marriages increases, or a bad analysis of the situation, indicators, and so on. Depending on the profession and field of work.

A person with higher education approaches his work responsibly and follows the rules.

Everything that is put into the brain in the Higher Educational Institution used by graduates (specialists) in their work. Then it becomes a habit that affects the quality of services provided or the quality of production.

The fourth point I want to make is that it will be increasingly difficult for a person without higher education to move up the career ladder.

Not only in Western companies but also in Ukraine, people look at the availability of higher education.

Leaders believe that only higher education makes a man a monkey. But this is not the case. There are people who do not consider it appropriate to spend time entering university.

With the development of technology, back in school, progressive children who understand what they want from life begin to learn what interests them on the Internet. Then just progress. Many courses, and master classes promote learning and awareness of professions. Some of them may start working in a specialty that interests them from the age of 16 (the age that allows the employer to hire a minor with parental permission). In this case, in practice, a person acquires skills that he will need in the future.

So, let’s summarize why higher education is so important for a person in today’s reality? The first thing we emphasized is that it affects a person’s consciousness and awareness, which plays an important role in the further life of a person and a country because state sovereignty depends on every citizen who is interested in the life of the country and what happens in it. The second thing I want to note is that education not only affects the political functions of the citizen in the country in which he lives but also helps to raise the level of the economy, which is an important factor at the moment. Thirdly, I would like to note that in higher educational institutions, educate real specialists in their field and bring students’ skills to automatism at the level of habit. In the last paragraph, they talked about an alternative to higher education. Therefore, we can conclude that education is a significant and necessary part of our lives because it influences many factors in the future life, but do not forget about alternatives that will help you get the knowledge you need in less time. But we must not forget that progress does not stand still, so all your life, you need to learn something new, be interested in the development and follow trends. This provides the “ground” for progress not only in the world but in our own.