Economics Of Musical Instruments


There are a lot of musical instruments but not a lot of people pay attention when it comes to buying one. An instrument can cost different amounts of money for many reasons.

Some cost millions of dollars and others can cost a couple of thousand dollars. Some reasons that they cost so much are how old they are or where they were made from. But the age is only for string instruments.

The older the instrument is and how well the instrument condition is in can tell how much it cost. The violin for example is a well known instrument that a lot of famous people play and they are sold and bought more than it was originally bought by the person.

A Tarisio article said “ The Antonino sold for fifteen million dollars in 2011 but was bought in 1971 for two hundred thousand dollars.” The gap between the time it was bought and sold was not that big, but how much it was originally bought was a big gap. That’s because of when it was made and who it was played by.

The violin had some changes to its design over the years, because originally it wasn’t really made for the human body. So when people play old violins they sound a little different from the new ones that are being made now. The design of the violin changed how much it was sold for because barely anybody makes the same design as the old ones.

Not a lot of people know that the violin changed designs because the designs were very small but they help a lot for the people who are playing them. But also they really didn’t care. A lot of small changes happen to the violin that many people wouldn’t notice at first glance. Old violins give a certain sound when they are played.

A Corilon article said “Especially old violins with their mature, individual character are companion in orchestra playing, chamber music and solar performance.”

Photo by Lucia Macedo

A lot of people would love to have old violins but not everyone could afford the cost of it. But where people buy it is different.

A lot of famous people played the violin. And a lot of people would love to buy it because of who played, and how old it is. But also a lot of people would really buy modern violins too because of where they are made and what martial they are made from.

A Corilon article said “Italian masterpieces of the ‘golden age’ of Cremona in which Antonio Stradivari, Nicolò Amati and Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù brought the modern violin model to the heights.” There are a lot of amazing famous modern violinists that when or if they retire the violins that they played would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is because of the impact they made while playing the violin.

Yehudi Menuhin a jewish violin player made an impact for the jews, this is because is the first famous violinist for the jewish people. A classical-music article said “His work was frequently groundbreaking, in ways that ranged from recording Elgar’s Violin Concerto under the baton of the composer in 1932 to playing jazz with Stéphane Grappelli and collaborating with Ravi Shankar.”

There are many violinists around the world and a lot of violins that cost a lot of money but it’s nothing compared to The Antonio.

Musical instruments cost a lot of money for many reasons that have not been said in this article. One of the reasons was how old the instrument was. The design of the instrument. And the people who played the instrument. But all of them have something in common. The people who played them were the best at what they did.