Earn 3% daily with me on SwapNex!


SwapNex is an “Arbitrage Trading” platform where investors can perform manual or auto arbitrage opportunities. With SwapNex, you are looking to earn a daily return of more than 3%, dependent on your investment tier.

What is Arbitrage?

Arbitrage in essence, is to take a “risk-free” trade. There are many different types of arbitrage such as Triangular arbitrage, Statistical arbitrage and Cross-Exchange arbitrage, to name a few. SwapNex presents Cross-Exchange arbitrage opportunities. Simply put, to buy a Bitcoin/ETH/… on Coinbase for cheaper and to sell it on FTX for a higher price — all executed simultaneously.

How to Get Started?

  1. Have an existing wallet. E.g. MetaMask/Cryptocom/FTX
  2. Sign up! Visit the website: https://swapnex.io/ref/Samueltanzw


Head over to “Wallet” board to deposit! Here, you can find the various coins that you wish to Arbitrage with. For me, I added balance to only USDT (BEP20) as the platform is showing more arbitrage pairs with USDT.
Head over to your wallet (E.g. MetaMask) and send directly to THIS ADDRESS. While configuring the transaction, be sure to send the CORRECT TOKEN on the CORRECT NETWORK.

Manual Trading

The “Trading” board shows you the Arbitrage order book. Here, shows the Manual Trading Mode where I have clicked on the USDT/BTC Arbitrage across Kraken and Bitstamp exchanges which yields me 0.69% profit. Click “Create Order” once you are pleased with the yield.

Automated Trading

For Automated Trading Mode, the same USDT/BTC Arbitrage does not require the manual selection of exchanges. Instead, you will need to lock-up your investment. I have chosen the 90 days period with compound interest which i expect to break even within 30 days. Click on “Create Order” to begin.

1. For Manual Trading, you can only perform once per day as a free user for which the action will take a full 24 hours. Personally, I feel that this is not the best choice as you will already be locking up your money indefinitely into this platform to continuously conduct manual trades.

2. While depositing, be sure to match the correct coin type (E.g. USDT ERC20/TRC20/BSC) and network type (ETH/TRON/BSC).

For example, when depositing USDT BEP20, you will need to send USDT BEP20 on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

*Im about transparency and the links above will direct you to the site along my referral code. I appreciate if you could help me out!

My Thoughts

  • ALWAYS ONLY invest money that you can afford to lose.
  • Compound!

My Journey

It is currently Day 1 and I was able to earn about 9.78 USD in 1 day on my $378 USD investment (with no compounding).

$9.78 in profits in a day (with no compound)

Feel free to reach out to me on telegram (@Samueltanzw) and i will be more than happy to guide you along.

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