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EDCoin is a coin created to solve the inflation problem. The coin maintains its store of value starting at 300 million EDC, and there will be no increase. to maintain value

contract address : 0xc5946cDccA5d879c14DA0e6C24Bf2A18535009e7

total pre sale supply : 5,000,000 EDC

starting price : 1 EDC = 0.00005 BNB = 0.016 USD

Chain : Binance smart chain (BEP-20)

Period of sale : 3 months or until supply runs out

where to buy :


  • Buy 3000 get an additional bonus 5%
  • Buy5000 get an additional bonus 5%
  • Buy 10,000 get an additional bonus 8%

Referral Program

referral link to your crypto-friend and he or she contributes tokens using your link, the bonus will be sent to your account automatically. The strategy is simple: the more links you send to your colleagues, family and friends — the more tokens you may earn!

where to join referral program : https://edc.edcorp.finance/sale/public/user/referral?referral

How to buy EDC step by step : https://bit.ly/HowtobuyEDCOIN

Pre sale rules

Minimum : 500 EDC
Maximum : 100,000 EDC
Bonus 5% purchase amount of 2,000 EDC

Do not buy or sell EDCoin on pancakeswap during pre-sale Currently Liquidity pool on pancakeswap make for running graph for testing price !
If who break through the rules will result in ban and blacklist

EDC verse after Pre sale ends will continue create NFT game, Marketplace, DeFi, Swap, Trade and Staking implementation plans.

Every BNB acquired during the Pre sale will be put in the liquidity pool to increase the coin's value.

Coins purchased during pre-sale cannot be traded until the end of the Pre sale event to prevent price pulling.

Thank you for your interest to our EDCoin Early Access

EDC, safe place to store your money

follow EDCoin, future store of values token

Website : https://edc.edcorp.finance

Twitter : https://twitter.com/edcorp_finance

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/edcorp.finance

Telegram : https://t.me/edcoinofficials

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/edcoin.finance

This article is written for educational purposes only. It is not an invitation to invest in any way.

Written by Daniel Owen at edcorp.finance