DPS partners with Latoken to bring Startup-supporting Crypto Exchange to the Dapp Store


DPS partners with Latoken to bring Startup-supporting Crypto Exchange to the Dapp Store

Do you know that there 100 cryptocurrencies are created each day? As you can imagine, many of them fall through the cracks. They have potential sure, but there are not many exchanges willing to give them a chance. Latoken is here to flip the script.

The Latoken exchange has emerged as a “Mobile-first” market for startup tokens. Ranking #6 in terms of the number of crypto coins listed, Latoken has a high reach, is regulated and has the trust of leaders with the blockchain.

They are here to give your startup token a chance to reach out to all corners of the globe — time to connect with traders globally.

And not just that, it has also been named one of the best crypto trading platforms for beginners — being listed on the Google App Store.

And now, it is teaming up with Dapp Play Store to make its debut among a host of decentralized apps. This partnership will only give crypto investors access to a new array of startup tokens. Most importantly, it will give your startup token a chance to be listed on a platform and be a part of a crypto revolution — No Coin is to be Left Behind.

Dapp Play Store: An App Store for Decentralized Applications

The Dapp Play Store or DPS is a hub of inclusive, decentralized applications. It hosts Web 3.0 apps that are built on different blockchains.

It is the launchpad for the most creative Dapps to reach a larger market. Here, users can download a wide array of decentralized applications; developers can create their own and monetize them. Furthermore, it is also a hub for user interactions that allow conservations to happen to develop better Dapps. All is possible with just a push of a button.

This accessibility has driven Latoken to choose DPS as a way to make its debut on the Dapp Store.

Latoken: A crypto exchange created to serve Startup tokens

Latoken is the world’s first “mobile-first” crypto exchange. Built for crypto traders on the go, it has gained the attention of the crypto leaders for having the most robust trader outreach program in the ecosystem.

It has all the makings of a great centralized exchange:

1. It has gained the attention of multiple leaders in the crypto field.

2. It is a regulated trading platform with licenses to provide virtual exchange services, wallet services and swapping services.

3. It has over 1 million downloads in the Google App store.

It has one mission: to leave no token behind. With that mantra weaved into its working principle, it provides the broadest services that you can leverage to maximize your coin’s reach:

Reach traders via mailing

Latoken provides you with a way to reach out to more than 1.8 million traders via mailings. All the addresses it offers are verified, leading to crypto traders with a robust portfolio.


With email marketing, you can reach out to 900k+ inboxes — giving you a high open-rate and conversion rate.

Website banner

Nothing is more powerful than having your coin featured at the top of the listing’s website. It will draw the attention of 1 million users.

Press releases

Want to create the right initial buzz going for your token. Get your press release out by using Latoken getas a springboard. It will land your write-ups in tier-1 media houses and would have the Latoken CEO quote on them.

Telegram and bot channel

Being a mobile-first crypto exchange, Latoken can help you reach out to 1.9 million telegram users — all of whom are investors. Get multiple posts, shares and comments via this popular marketing tool.


Twitter is the mecca of crypto tokens, and with Latoken, your coin will reach 1.4 million users with a single tweet. Be part of the conversation among the page’s active followers.

Meta outreach

With the Meta outreach program, you can take your crypto to more than 520K users on Facebook and Instagram and eagerly wait for their next token. Use Latoken to get noticed.


Perhaps the most robust marketing tool in Latoken’s arsenal is the VCTV show. Feature your coin live via Latoken Platform. It will let you be in front of a 10k audience at any time.

Influencer Marketing

Latoken also has access to top industry influencers. You can leverage the popularity of the best leaders in the crypto world and reach out to an interested audience through AMA sessions.

And that’s not all. With Latoken, you can access crowdfunding by distributing your tokens via the leading IEO platform. It will leave you open to being received by 400+ VCs eager to understand your crypto offerings.

And not just that, you can also tap into Airdrops giveaway and trade around your tokens to get you more traders and more people interested in your offerings.

And now, this crypto trading platform is about to enter the world of Dapps by joining up with the Dapp Play Store.

Dapp Play Store and Latoken Partnership to give voice to Startup coins

The Dapp Play Store has been eagerly waiting for an exchange that can give voice to startup coins. And with this partnership, it will be possible.

Latoken has created an inclusive crypto exchange that will allow game-changing cryptocurrencies to finally reach out to traders hoping for their next crypto investments.

Latoken is looking for the hidden gems of the crypto world.

Are you among them?

If you are, now is the time to reach out to the right crypto traders.