Don’t You Feel It Too?


As a Freelancer, most of my time is spent at home. Hence lesser interaction with the outside world. But it indeed is a journey I love with all my heart and it is a path I chose for myself.
Having said that, I wont deny it does get blah sometimes. No motivation on certain days, not decking up to work, not getting some fresh air while commuting to and fro, no fixed work timings, no mid-work time-pass with your colleagues, no group lunches and most importantly no pat on the back for all that you’ve achieved over the month. These are just few of the perks of a 9–5 job, but I’m gonna tell you why I didn’t prioritize the perks over the drawbacks as we go ahead.

Might sound like I’m from another planet but for me, stepping out has become a luxury of some sorts & something I absolutely crave for. I love the sound of nature, the fresh air cleansing my soul, the view of the roads crowded with people from different walks of life, sneaking those smiles with strangers here and there, having a conversation with the waiter while having a scrumptious meal, sometimes just walking along a path clueless about where its taking me & capturing the most beautiful photographs on the way. Eventually getting all tired, feeling productive AF & putting myself to sleep like a baby is all that I crave for!

& THAT gives me a HIGH!⤴

Sadly I seldom do it, just the comfort of my work-space doesn’t allow me to get my ass off, get dressed and get that car out of the house. Is it too much effort? NO, Not at all!
Then why would I deny myself of all these amazing feelings? Why do I get all lazy when I have to do something for myself?
At the same time, if someone else asks me a favour, I’m usually the first to jump at it. Maybe because I love them or maybe I just want to be liked or feel good about myself. That doesn’t seem like the right thing to do, specially when I don’t give yourself that kind of care or love. Something worth thinking about, isn’t it?

And so Today I choose Myself over everything else!
So what if there’s no company? So what if you’ve tried hard enough to get through your day and everything didn’t go as planned? So what if your path to your goal seems clouded now? & So what if the guilt is killing you?

You know what, none of that matters for a few hours in your day. Just SWITCH OFF & give yourself that much! The rest of the things are always going to be there when you come back. Eventually it will all sort itself out as long as you are Honest with your Hard-Work, Consistency & Absolutely Pure at Heart!

We all need that break every single day. YOU, I, All of US. Let that MIND of yours unwind. That’s the least we can reciprocate for all the loyalty she’s shown to us.
& Remember as a Freelancer, you are your own goddamn BOSS and nothing can beat that feeling in the world! ❤