Donny Deutsch: You got to scare the hell out of people about Republicans’ level of crazy & insanity.


Donny Deutsch has some sound advice for Democrats. While many think the election will be about the economy, a crazy & insane Republicans Party looms large.

Donny Deutsch nails it.

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Donny Deutsch had some prescient advice for Democrats recently on a program with Nicolle Wallace. To win, you have to get to people’s gut feelings. One of the ways is fear, especially if there is a genuine reason for the said feat.

“I think you have to scare the hell out of people,” Danny Deutsch said. “I think people, I think those 40% have to understand that they are still voting for Mastriano. He has come out. He said, look, with one stroke of my pen, I will be in control of the elections in this state. I will be putting in the head of elections, and I will overtake all the voting machines with one stroke of my pen. This is what you say, autocrats and fascists tell you what they’re going to do. The thing about Donald Trump that we try to get out years later is he tells you what he’s going to do. He told us he wasn’t going to go out peacefully. So all we have to do is listen and continue to amplify for the Democrats.”

Then Deutch made it clear that 2022 has to be nationalized. All Republicans must be put into one basket as a clear and present danger.

“You’ve got to put all of this in one bucket,” Deutsch continued. “This level of crazy insanity, and I’m going to say it again, I know James Carville said it’s the economy, stupid. But in this election coming up in the midterms, 2014, it’s crazy, stupid. Make it about crazy.”

Deutsch pointed out that the generic poll has moved and now favors Democrats. Even with high inflation and other economic problems, that Democrats are ahead is proof that Americans are starting to see Republicans for who they have become. Deutsch then reiterates the message Democrats must follow.

“So what the Democrats have to do, and the Lincoln Project does it, but the main street Democrats have to do it,” Deutsch said. “Is show and scare the hell out of people and say we cannot have these crazy fascists in power.”

I could not agree more. It is time to really get that message out to, especially those who are just tuning in.

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Originally published at on July 30, 2022.