Does Walgreens Sell Money Orders? (Latest Update)


Does Walgreens sell money orders? Walgreens is a pharmacy that offers a range of different services to its clients.

At Walgreens, you can pick up some groceries, fill your prescriptions, and also have your pictures printed.

You could be curious if Walgreens offers a particular service, which is the sale of money orders.

You might assume that because Walgreens and Western Union are associates, the store can process money orders.

This brings us to the question, does Walgreens sell money orders?

In this article, we will provide answers to every question you may have regarding whether Walgreen sells money orders or not, so sit tight and read till the end.

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Does Walgreens Sell Money Orders?

No, Walgreens doesn’t sell money orders. Money Orders are not available at Walgreens for buying or cashing.

Rather, Walgreens makes use of Western Union wire transfers. Although there are some variations, money transfers and money orders are comparable.

Walgreens is not the ideal place to visit if you want to purchase or cash money orders.

Nevertheless, if you only want to transfer funds to a person, they can handle that using Western Union money transfers.

Does Walgreens sell money orders? Since you are aware that Walgreens doesn’t sell money orders, lets discuss what a money transfer is, as well as types of money transfer.

What Is A Money Transfer?

Wire transfers are another name for money transfers. They are a digital money transfer involving two parties.

Typically, a financial institution and a transfer provider handle the money transfer procedures.

A sending transfer provider and a receiving transfer provider are required for a money transfer to be done.

These providers typically carry out both tasks, and that’s not usually the situation.

A person deposits the sum of money they would like to transfer through a sending transfer provider.

The majority of the time, the person may be charged a little service fee. They need details for the funds to securely reach the intended recipient.

Some of the details they need are the recipient’s name and a 10-digit tracking code.

The wire transfer can be cashed by the recipient through the receiving transfer provider.

They can cash and collect their money so far they have the details the sender provided.

Majority of the time, a money transfer doesn’t involve dealing with actual cash.

It’s done digitally, and for that reason, money leaves one financial institution and enters another.

Types of Money Transfers

There are two different forms of money transfers, which you ought to be aware of if you’re seeking to send funds to a person.

The two types of money transfers you should know of are domestic money transfers and international money transfers. Let’s quickly discuss each of them:

Domestic Money Transfers

Domestic money transfers take place between two banks or other financial institutions located within the same country.

They must be within the same country, even if they are on different ends.

Furthermore, it makes no difference if the transfer takes place between two banks that are the same or completely different banks.

Majority of the time, these transactions take place on the same day.

The transfer can take place in one day so far the sender and recipient are able to communicate their details to one another within regular banking hours.

Certain banks that operate 24 hours too. This makes it possible for the transfer to take place on the same day.

Domestic money transfers are quick because they just need to be processed by the Automated Clearing House in order to clear.

Note that certain banks could demand that the sender have the recipient’s bank branch details in order to transfer money.

International Money Transfers

When a person transfers funds to a bank or other financial institution located in another country, this is known as an international money transfer.

In order for this transfer to go through, the person must have a routing or SWIFT code.

If money is being sent to the same bank, but in a different country, certain people can mistake it for an international transfer instead of a domestic transfer. It makes no difference if the bank is the same.

It is an international money transfer if the two banks are located in separate countries.

International money transfers often require two working days to process.

This is so that the ACH system can process two checks.

The former takes place in the country of the sender, while the latter takes place in the country of the recipient.

The recipient can get their funds from their bank after both checks are processed.

Dangers of Using Money Transfers Through Walgreens

If this is the first time you are about to use a money transfer option, you might be unsure of their security at Walgreens.

Majority of the times, money transfers are perfectly secure since you are familiar with the individual or the organization you are transferring the funds to.

There is often a certain level of danger associated when transferring funds to an avowed recipient.

Nevertheless, there are some circumstances in which your money transfer may raise alarm.

In America, the Office of Foreign Assets Control is responsible for overseeing money transfers.

This organization is a part of the US Treasury. Generally, the organization guarantee the funds aren’t heading to terrorist groups or nations that have restrictions imposed on them.

Additionally, they guarantee that the sender is not trying to launder funds.

However, there are some other situations that could raise a money transfer alarm.

These are:

  • Transfers to nations that offer refuge.
  • Transfers to people who do not own accounts.
  • Unnecessary transfers on a routine basis.
  • Transfers with the same dollar amount flowing both ways.
  • Transfers from cash-based enterprises in huge sums.

Additionally, there’s a chance that the recipient won’t be able to get their funds since they misplaced the details you gave them.

Usually, you can solve this by sending them the details once more.

If the recipient lacks an ID, that is another issue. Majority of the time, the bank or other organization will ask for ID to confirm the recipient’s authenticity.

The recipient cannot confirm their authenticity without an ID. You can reduce the danger associated with making money transfers, by ensuring that you give the recipient every necessary detail.

Another good practice is to ensure that you make the amount you wish to transfer as little as possible. Lastly, keep your receipt just in case you want a refund.

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How Can I Use Walgreens to Do a Money Transfer?

Despite the fact that you can’t buy money orders at Walgreens, you can use them to send a money transfer.

The following are the steps to do a money transfer through Walgreens:

Step 1: Confirm that your Walgreens has a Western Union

There are some Walgreens that do not have a Western Union area. If there isn’t a Western Union area at Walgreens, you can’t do a money transfer there.

You can determine whether your neighborhood Walgreens has a Western Union area through the Walgreens/Western Union locator.

If it turns out that your neighborhood Walgreens doesn’t have the Western Union area, your next course of action should be to look for another Walgreens that has it.

Additionally, you can search to find out if there is a Western Union nearby.

It makes no difference whether it’s Walgreens or not because you’re doing a money transfer through Western Union.

Step 2: Look for the Kiosk or Use the App

Western Union facilitates the process of getting ready to do a money transfer with the help of its mobile app.

You can prepare the payment in advance and fill out your details.

The preparations can as well be done at Walgreens if you don’t have the app or don’t just feel like using it.

Visit your neighborhood Walgreens and look for the Western Union Kiosk.

You can connect the app with the Western Union kiosk at Walgreens if you used the mobile app to prepare some of your Western Union transfer.

Step 3: Get Your Payment Ready

You must have both the payment you want to transfer to the recipient and sufficient funds to pay the charge.

Western Union’s service charges varies daily and that’s a big issue.

Additionally, they vary depending on the country to where you are doing the transfer.

Since this is the case, you cannot know how much the charges will be until you are ready to pay.

You have to anticipate paying a minimum of $1 for a money transfer to a location inside your own country.

Cash, a debit card, or a credit card are all acceptable payment methods accepted by Western Union.

However, their service charges for debit and credit cards are often greater.

This charge is specifically based on the money transfer charges imposed by your own bank.

If you intend doing several money transfers in the future, you may wish to change to a bank with moderate money transfer charges.

Step 4: Enter Necessary Details

You’ll have to provide certain details to ensure you do your money transfer to the correct recipient.

To begin with, it will request for your own details. You have to input the details below into the kiosk:

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your ID
  • A secret question (Optional)

Occasionally, you could be asked to submit a secret question and response.

The secret question could be the name of your first dog or the color of your eyes.

Recipient must properly respond to the secret question in order to get the funds.

You will be prompted to enter the recipient’s information after you have finished entering all of your own details.

You’ll require the following details from the recipient:

  • Their name
  • Their address
  • Their phone number
  • Their ID
  • The answer to the secret question (Optional)
  • Their branch (Optional)

Additionally, they can request for the name of the bank branch where the recipient will collect the funds.

This additional guarantees that the money transfer arrives where it should.

If you opted to add a secret question, be cautious to give the right response.

Step: 5 Double-check

The kiosk provides you with a pre-receipt before beginning to handle your order.

This gives you a chance to double-check the details you entered. This stage should be completed slowly to avoid mistakes of any kind.

If it isn’t, sending funds will be challenging for both you and the recipient.

You can then place the order after everything has been cleared.

Step 6: Pay and Tracking Number

At this stage, you can now pay for the money transfer. It will display the overall cost, plus service charges.

You are allowed to pay using either cash, a debit card, or a credit card. The transfer will start after it has been paid.

A receipt will be issued to you. The receipt contains a 10-digit tracking code.

This code is essential to the recipient because it demonstrates that the transfer is intended for them.

Step 7: Give Details to the Recipient

After gathering everything, you must inform the recipient. They need the proper details in order to get those funds.

They will require their name, address, phone number, and ID to get the money.

The key details you must provide them with are the 10-digit tracking code and, if possible, the answer to the secret question.

With this details, the recipient can simply complete the necessary forms and pick up their funds.

When Can You Send a Money Transfer At Walgreens?

You can send money transfers at Walgreens whenever the store is operational.

Western Union is always open 24/7, but Walgreens isn’t usually open 24 hours.

As a result, you can only send your money transfers anytime the store is operational.

If Walgreens positions a kiosk outside or in a location where customers can use even while the store is closed, then you can proceed to send your money transfers beyond its business hours.

If you don’t have enough time on your side, then it makes sense to find out if your Walgreens is open.

If the Walgreen isn’t open, then there’s no need to go there.

Can I Cash Money Transfers at Walgreens?

If you got a money transfer, you might be curious to know whether Walgreens accepts it for cashing.

You are free to cash up to $300 at Walgreens locations. Nevertheless, if the transfer totals more than that, you will have to carry it to another bank or financial institution that processes money transfers.

As a result, Walgreens is the best option for cashing minor money transfers. But if it’s over $300, you have to carry your slip somewhere else.

Benefits of Using Money Transfers at Walgreens

If you anticipate using money transfers regularly, you could be seeking for the ideal location to carry out your money transfers.

The following are a few benefits of sending money transfers at Walgreens:

Safe and Reliable

Money transfers often have the benefit of being a secure process of transferring money to someone else.

There is absolutely no chance that a third party will steal the money from the recipient since they must verify their identity.

Additionally, Walgreens ensures the security of money transfers by positioning its kiosks in secure locations.

You can prepare your money transfer without being concerned that someone is monitoring you.


The ease of Walgreens makes it perfect for money transfers, too. There are Walgreens locations practically everywhere.

They are often more widespread than Western Union outlets.

Even if a Western Union bank isn’t located close by, there’s a potential that a Walgreens is.

As a result, you can handle your money transfers through the store.

Execute Tasks

The fact that you can execute tasks while you manage your money transfers at Walgreens is a bonus.

You can execute your tasks at Walgreens while you wait to find out whether your recipient received the funds or not.

You can purchase items, get your prescriptions filled, and also receive any of the medical services they offer.

Even as you are still anticipating the recipient’s approval, Walgreens enables you to keep working.

Drawbacks of Using Money Transfers at Walgreens

While doing money transfers in Walgreens’ stores offers several perks, there are also few drawbacks to take into account.

The following are a few drawbacks to using money transfers at Walgreens:

Limited Money Transfers

You are not permitted to cash more than $300 of your money transfer at Walgreens.

This is surely not the best option for those that are getting above that.

They’ll have no other option but to carry their details another place to cash it. This isn’t nice at all.

It is often be preferable to send money transfer through a bank that permits withdrawals of over $300 in the first instance.

Reliant on Walgreens Hours

It’s possible that you won’t be able to enter the kiosk anytime you want if your Walgreens isn’t operational 24 hours.

If you and the recipient are in separate countries with significantly dissimilar time zones, this may be an issue. The store might be closed the time you need it.

Lack of Expert Assistance

You cannot fully count on Walgreens’ employees if you’re having issues.

Although they may have some experience with it, but they are not specialists.

It could be preferable to use a real Western Union or a Western Union kiosk inside a bank.


Thanks for reading this article on “does Walgreens sell money orders?” Although Walgreens does not sell money orders, there is a Western Union kiosk in each of their locations.

This implies that you can use wire transfers, or money transfers, rather than money orders.

Using Walgreens to do your money transfers has its perks, as well as downsides too.

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