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DigiStore24 is a powerful digital products marketplace that allows you to sell and promote any type of digital product.As an affiliate, you can earn a commission on every sale you generate through your DigiStore24 account.

In order to see how much traffic your DigiStore24 account is receiving, you can go to the “Performance” tab in your account settings.

This tab will show you a graph of your traffic over time, as well as the number of sales you’ve generated.

You can also see the traffic source for each sale, so you can see which traffic sources are performing the best.

If you want to see even more detailed traffic information, you can click on the “Advanced” tab.

This will show you a breakdown of the traffic by country, device, and browser.

You can also see the referrer for each sale, so you can track where your traffic is coming from.

By understanding the traffic on your DigiStore24 account, you can make sure that you’re generating the most sales possible.

If you have any questions about traffic on your DigiStore24 account, you can contact our support team.

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