DEXART: a new universal platform to manage your community

  1. What is DEXART?
  2. A fascinating digital universe for promoting your brand.
  3. DEXART use cases.
  4. Want to give it a try? The beta release is to be announced soon.

Are you a business owner looking for more efficient ways to connect with your audience? A brand creator searching for a convenient platform to represent your brainchild? Or maybe you are a digital influencer with a solid follower base exploring new means of connecting with your fans?

Whatever the case — DEXART can help you do all of this and even more. It is a new MetaVerse — a magical (or should we say — high-tech) way of social media communication based on Web 3.0.

What is DEXART?

What is DEXART?

DEXART is a new virtual space for collaboration. Here businesses can represent their products and communicate with their customers in an emotional and engaging way. Technologies like blockchain and Virtual Reality (VR) allow DEXART to revolutionize communication and bring the interaction between users to a whole new level.

To reach its goals, DEXART relies on a number of innovative features such as:

  • Virtual Reality. Combined with 3D visualization, VR technology makes it possible to bring your products to life in the virtual world. This makes it easier for customers to get emotionally involved with the product and improves the chances of future purchase.
  • MetaVerse. With all products represented in a unified virtual universe, businesses get an opportunity to bring their customers in closer contact with their brands and record every digital step of the clients. It’s even possible to automatically make records in CRM systems to make communication more efficient.
  • Blockchain. Immutability and transparency of blockchain allow to reduce the role of or completely remove intermediaries and bring the communication to a whole new level.
  • MetaWorking. Businesses can establish new contacts by attending various events within the VR in the same way that they would normally do in the real world.
  • Gamification of learning. Educational experience takes a giant leap forward with the possibilities of VR and MetaVerse. Users can participate in various quests and get rewards in the format of tokens that they can later exchange for other products on the platform.
  • NFTs. Artists of all sorts can turn their works into NFTs and distribute them among their followers without having to rely on any intermediaries.

Combined, these technologies take communication to a whole new level. The brand experience for customers becomes immersive and interactive, while businesses get a chance to improve their conversion rate.

A fascinating digital universe for promoting your brand.

DEXART universe consists of 25 districts. Every district has its own center and its own features as it differs from the others in colors, architecture, industries, nature, etc. Every district has its own history and quests for the users. Businesses embed their products into these quests and thus get their customers deeply involved.

A basic Indivisible measure unit is called an are and equals 100 square meters. In some districts, there are zones where roads and other objects can occupy only a part of an are. In this case, no buildings can be erected on it as it becomes a part of a social territory.

There is also a piece of land that no one can buy. It is the starting point of the DEXART universe, and it is called The Square.

DEXART use cases.

Here are key types of users who can benefit from using DEXART:

  • Brand owners. Enhance the engagement with your customers, submerge them into your brand in a virtual world and take your business to the Meta level. Run fascinating events and showcase your product to an unlimited number of visitors.
  • Influencers. Run virtual events to communicate with your followers from all over the world. Get them further involved with the help of VR and 3D technologies.
  • DeFi investors. Buy and sell digital land and other objects represented as NFTs.
  • Digital artists. Convert your creations into NFTs and showcase them to your followers in the new thrilling format.

Want to give it a try? The beta release is to be announced soon.

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