DeFi Projects Launched — APISwap & APIS Wrapped Token


Hello, this is APIS Team.

We have successfully launched our DeFi(Decentralized Finance) projects -‘APISwap’ and ‘APIS Wrapped Token’.

APISwap is a DeFi project that provides a 1:1 on-chain swap feature using smart contracts. It aims to help users easily and freely swap various cryptocurrencies provided through APIS Platform’s blockchain incentive services, including the APIX ERC-20 token.

APIS Wrapped Token project helps cryptocurrency based on its own mainnet to be used on various DeFi services including APISwap by wrapping them into the standardized tokens. Through this, DASH, APIS Platform’s most well-known masternode cryptocurrency, can be swapped into the Ethereum Mainnet token, wDASH (Wrapped DASH).

APISwap is first provided as the Ethereum Mainnet version to create a smooth connection with the recently announced Nodey NFT and Opensea. It supports the swap function between APIX ERC-20 token, WETH, and APIS Wrapped Token, wDASH.

wDASH (Wrapped DASH) will be issued for APIS Wrapped Tokens first, and future platform updates will provide the ability to withdraw the user’s DASH to wDASH or convert wDASH to mainnet DASH through the platform.

Through the launch of the two DeFi services, it will be possible to further expand the scope of blockchain incentives provided by APIX and APIS Platform, and it is expected that the service will serve as a link with projects in other fields being developed by the APIS Team, such as Nodey NFT. For example, APIX rewarded on the APIS Platform can be converted to WETH through APISwap, and can use to trade Nodey NFTs on Opensea.

For detailed information including a how-to-use guide, please check additional announcements.

Thank you.