DeFi in Ether: $67B in DeFi, 0x Labs raises $70M, Bancor 3 launches on May 11, Raiden Network is…

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Biweekly update on Ethereum DeFi ecosystem vol.52, 26th April — 10th May


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Total Value Locked in DeFi

$67.4B in DeFi this week, currently at ~ $67.401B, with Maker dominance 21.54%.


Top DeFi Tokens by Market Capitalization

Total Market Cap: $92,930,729,087


DeFi Aggregators


  • ERC-4626 Meta Vaults are coming to mStable: Save, despite its popularity, could not be easily scaled to achieve mStable’s growth ambitions. An open and composable architecture is required to scale. mStable will leverage the new ERC-4626 standard for fully composable vaults. The Meta Vault architecture leverages the composable ERC-4626 standard to power the next product line of mStable.
  • mStable Governance Updates — 9 May 2022: Here’s the latest edition of governance updates from the engine room.
  • Check out mStable’s latest proposals here.

Yearn Finance:



Gnosis Chain (formerly xDai Chain):

Gnosis Chain Weekly · 6 May 2022:

-DAO of the Week: Quiver DAO web3 software library developers

-NFT of the Week: NFBeez project-artist-rendered NFTs

Derivatives, Swaps, and Prediction Markets


  • ICP-USD is now live. Start trading Internet Computer (ICP) today on dYdX, with up to 10x leverage.
  • CELO now live: CELO-USD is now live. Start trading Celo (CELO) today on dYdX, with up to 10x leverage.


Fund Management

Enzyme Finance:

  • Enzyme V3 vs V4: Why should you upgrade your vault? Enzyme V4 comes with powerful extra features that make the asset management experience much easier and more affordable. Not only do V4 features make the manager’s life easier, but it also makes the depositor’s experience is more convenient and enjoyable ( → higher conversion and more capital). For new managers, V4 includes the option of launching on Polygon (1,000x cheaper to create a vault on Polygon than on Ethereum). For V3 managers, some important security, accounting & tokenomics aspects must be understood before the upgrade
  • A Call to Managers Building Uniswap v3 Strategies: Enzyme now enables you to build and actively manage Uniswap v3 strategies. For active liquidity managers, this offers an easy platform to monitor and manage your liquidity strategies whilst allowing third parties to tag along in exchange for a fee. For passive LP’s, this provides a way to improve returns without having to dedicate the time or energy into understanding or actively managing positions.
  • Inside the Vault: Episode 3 | Actively Managed Uniswap v3 Strategies:

Set Protocol & Index Coop:

  • Find the latest Index Coop proposals here.

Liquidity Relays

0x project:




  • Bancor 3 Launch Party: It’s official. After one year of development, audits and testing, Bancor 3 is expected to go live this week. Join the team as they unveil B3 this Wednesday May 11th 2022 at 8pm EST — featuring token and swag giveaways and fireside chats with Bancor contributors, DeFi analysts and industry leaders from Chainlink, Flexa (AMP), WOO Network, Nexus Mutual & more.
  • The Bancorian Brief | May 4th, 2022




  • The Dominance of Uniswap v3 Liquidity: New research shows that Uniswap Protocol v3 has deeper liquidity in ETH/USD, ETH/BTC and other ETH pairs than leading centralized exchanges. This research demonstrates that AMM market structure — which is largely crypto-native today — can surpass order-book exchanges and transform traditional financial market structure to be more liquid, stable, and secure.
  • V3 will be deployed on Celo.
  • Check out the Enzyme finance integration with Uniswap v3.
  • The latest Uniswap proposals are here.

Payments Networks

Raiden Network:


  • Futures Funding Rate Arbitrage Guide: Futures funding rate arbitrage is when you go long on one futures market and short on another and collect the difference in funding rates. The funding rates on Kwenta are currently long skew and present an arbitrage opportunity for traders.

This is not financial advice.

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