DeFi explained by investment experts Chris, Brett, and Anthony

  1. Could you still be an early investor in a network that manages over $200Bn?
  2. DeFi is still in the early adoption cycle.

Could you still be an early investor in a network that manages over $200Bn?

Our answer: yes! The Decentralised finance (DeFi) sector has proven its strength but it’s not done growing yet. Recently we hosted a webinar to discuss the future potential of DeFi and how it could benefit the modern investor. For those who missed the webinar, we’re making sure you don’t miss out. Watch the full recording for free here to hear first-hand advice from the experts.

Decentralised finance (DeFi) is the crypto revolution disrupting traditional finance. It’s the future replacing outdated and inefficient manual banking systems. DeFi uses blockchain-based programs called smart contracts. These smart contracts are replacing centralised financial “middlemen” (like banks, stock exchanges or insurance brokers) by connecting buyers and sellers directly.

DeFi programs open the finance world up to anyone who has an internet connection. Using peer-to-peer blockchain-based networkers, users can borrow, save, send, receive, buy, sell, and even insure their money. This is all done without having to give the middleman their cut. Without this interference, DeFi users have more freedom when it comes to managing their money.

DeFi is still in the early adoption cycle.

That means you can be an early investor in the cryptocurrencies building the future of finance. Our themed DeFi Bundle saw a 137% growth in 2021. With this Bundle, you’re diversifying with the world’s largest decentralised exchanges, lending platforms and payment platform’s cryptocurrencies. The DeFi Bundle rebalances on the 1st of every month — taking advantage of opportunities available from the most reputable DeFi cryptocurrencies through buying or selling each asset.

How to start saving and earning in 12% in USDC

Cape Town-based Crypto Investment platform Revix, saw the value of bringing a USDC Savings Vault to South African investors early on. For over a year, Revix’s flexible US Dollar-denominated savings account has offered an interest rate well above market.

Now, the long-trusted Revix USDC Savings Vault has been upgraded to offer investors an even higher annual return. This enables you to effortlessly earn interest using your USDC holdings just like a high yield US dollar savings account. The only difference being that you’ll earn a far higher return than any dollar savings account can offer.

Starting 6 May, Revix’s Savings Vault will provide you with a 12% APY on your USDC. A minimum investment of 100 USDC is required to qualify, and there is a minimum lockup period of 30 days in order not to attract fees. T&Cs apply.