DecentraWorld’s Private Blockchain, RPC’s, and Surveillance Capitalism


Written by @coach_mcguirk

Ministry of Truth Born In The Digital Age

DecentraWorld is an entire ecosystem designed to protect the end users privacy. Privacy was thought to be one of the greatest ancillary benefits to a defi ecosystem. Users can transact with each other via an immutable ledger, but the transactor remains anonymous. We may have strayed far from the pseudo graphic white paper laid forth by “Satoshi Nakamoto.” Yes many of the foundations for a decentralized payment system have been realized. Albeit Bitcoin has proven unsuitable to handle the vast amount of TPS required for a scalable system, we have other L2’s that are now promising that ability to scale. What has changed drastically since the 2008 white paper was published are privacy rights. Many companies like Chainalysis have changed the game. Wallets are now blacklisted by vendors, (the ethical reasons behind this are for another article,) but more importantly wallet holders are being tracked. Their personal history is correlated with a real life identity, and they are monitored, tracked, and their privacy on the ledger is exposed.

Why should you care about privacy on the blockchain? Let’s give a quick example. Your friend from college has fallen on hard times. They ask for a quick loan, and of course you oblige. You transfer the money from your account, or pay in cash but with the following caveat; the payment comes with the full transaction history tied to your bank account. Your friend now has knowledge of everything you have ever purchased with that account. That does not sound like something anyone would agree to correct? Well it happens on the blockchain. Our data is being correlated, stored, processed, and refined into databases. That data can then be mined to correlate those transactions to an individual. And there are ways to track blockchain data to personal identifications in more instances than you think. Your browser wallet is probably doing so as we speak.

If you think this is far fetched and the mining of dark data is not real, please take a look at “The Age of Surveillance Capitalism: The Fight for a Human Future at the New Frontier of Power.” ~ Professor Emeritus Shoshana Zuboff, Phd, Harvard University. Professor Zuboff outlines how surveillance capitalism works, and the societal implications and ramifications, both immediate and forthcoming. It is a stark reminder of how our digital age has transformed from the ideological digital age of enlightenment to our present state of affairs. The days of free speech, messaging on IRC channels, and a means to transmit and disseminate knowledge are long gone. Freedom purchased by big tech companies and the three letter agencies.

DecentraWorld has a solution. DecentraChain will be an EVM, (Ethereum Virtual Machine,) full layer two, decentralized blockchain that is private. DecentraWorld has partnered with to provide private RPC nodes that “zero log” our users. RPC’s are common in the blockchain ecosystem, and here is a quick run down for the uninitiated.

A RPC (remote procedure call,) is an efficient form of API that enables developers to communicate to a server to remotely execute code. It is close to a function call, but between two systems. Note that technically RPC’s can be seen as a Web API when combined with HTTP, and referred to as Rest API’s. The difference lies in the protocol used. RPC’s without HTTP are perfect for blockchain developers. As ledgers both private or public are immutable by nature, they do not need elaborate communication states. RPC’s are excellent at working as an API for an immutable ledger, as they do two things quite well. GET and POST methods. You would set a GET method to receive information about the ledger/blockchain, and a POST method to update said ledger.

Now that we have a technical foundation, we add zero knowledge encryption via zero knowledge rollups into the mix, and we have a privacy match made in heaven. ZK rollups are a newer trend in blockchain development. We have a whole knowledge base in our whitepaper that can walk you through Zero Knowledge encryption, so I will let you dig a little deeper at your own leisure. You can also learn more about ZKRollups on EVM’s if you feel like digging deeper.

DecentraWorld will also be offering our community the ability to run private relayers that are decentralized from the central nodes. There will be a vetting process, and minimum requirements in doing so, but you will also share in the transaction fees by offering additional low gas RPC options for our community. As well as providing fail safes in the case of the unlikely downtime or service interruption via our private RPC’s.

If you are not excited about a private blockchain, and an organization that cares not who you are, then I hope you at least learned a little technical jargon that can impress the ladies at your next cotillion. Dance merrily under the watchful eye, and be home by midnight.

~ @coach_mcguirk