🦌 Dear Entrepreneurs, Product Designers and Founders


🦌 Dear Entrepreneurs, Product Designers and Founders

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Don’t try to brainstorm your way into being in business.

It’s almost impossible to create a great business idea from thin air, because the most successful businesses spring directly from the need, incomplete experience, or frustration of customers, and the passion of entrepreneurs to do something better.

Eight years ago, my twin and I went into the creative industry after the acquisition of our second startup.

I became a writer, and he, a recording artist. I wrote three books and he recorded two studio albums within a year.

Someone introduced my twin to a music aggregator based in the US, and he distributed his music with them.

Unfortunately, the aggregator paid royalties primarily through PayPal, and because he lived in Nigeria at the time he couldn’t get his royalties through this method, so he had to opt for the alternative method of payment, which was check payment.

However, two months after the check was sent, it never arrived. And when he asked the aggregator why, they said he had taken his money.

How can he take his money when he never got the check?

The aggregator investigated and realized that someone in Oslo-Norway intercepted the check via mail fraud and used a fake ID to take my twin’s royalties.

He was devastated and had to take his music down from the aggregator.

A year later, he said to me, “Chidi, I’m not the only African artist who has gone through this kind of experience trying to monetize his music internationally while living here.

There are definitely many of us out there. Why don’t we create an aggregator tailored to meet the growing needs of African creatives?”

That’s how Publiseer was created after a year of hard work to solve these problems:

1. Many independent African creatives can’t afford the expensive distribution fees of existing digital aggregators.

2. The royalty payment methods of existing aggregators were not feasible for African creatives.

3. These existing aggregators don’t distribute to any African digital service provider because they weren’t created for us in the first place.

After running Publiseer for a year, we discovered that the problem was even much bigger and global, and we expanded to solve the following problems:

4. Due to below-standard quality, more than 50% of creatives worldwide are unable to get their content to digital service providers (DSPs) like Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes.

5. And those who get their content to these DSPs, often get their content returned by the end-consumer due to errors.

Visit Publiseer to know how we solve these problems.

(This is shared for pure value, while I may have used the services, my intention is to have this story heard)