DAO summary


Hello! Who are you and what is your company/project?

HELLO WORLD! My name is Nahuel Angelone, CEO of VerseFi, the parent company for 8BitMafia.

EightbitMafia is a DAO partnered with important brands like Santander bank, brickken.com, bithotel.io and ark digital agency that specializes in the design of monetizable experiences and projects based on the blockchain. We are aiming to create a DAO governed by different NFT projects through our $8BM token, the dao will be focused on filling the empty metaverses with ambitious projects, and our affiliated clans can vote to decide the projects that will be built next through a proposal system, Within The Community, our $8BM tokens are used to vote on important decisions and matters that determine the future of our culture, treasury, investments, charitable donations, and much more. The dao will be focused on filling the empty metaverses with ambitious projects and validating NFT communities as legitimate. Our stakeholders can vote to decide the projects that will be built next through a proposal system, you can also spend your $verse tokens in our marketplace where projects sell their services as NFT. The team will prove that by leveraging past years’ advances in on-chain technology and enhanced online communities it is possible to create engaging platforms with broad utility that provide value for all participants whether a player, creator or stakeholder.

To join the DAO you must first join a Clan, this is where NFT projects can form their clan, for people to join the DAO you must own an NFT of an affiliated project, staking this NFT will give you $verse tokens that you will be able to spend in items that our affiliated projects publish in the marketplace, EBM, for instance, will sell rooms in the metaverse and many more things, like mining hash power.

How did you come up with the idea?

I was surfing the web while managing my habbo.es casino and I came across a Sandbox advertisement which blew my mind. I could transfer all of my ideas into web3 which would make the economic aspect of it much easier and infinite times more creative. Thus, I messaged the group chat and said, who wants to build a serious project with me, and Nicholas came down to my room and we discussed the project. Before landing in the web3, I used to create web2 metaverse game experiences, I have previously created a casino in habbo.es, one which we are now replicating in bithotel.io. 10 years of experience in metaverse designing and team managing has shaped my life with a purpose when forming this project. I have also created an eCommerce brand that sold riot equipment before the pandemic started. I have led teams of up to 15 people and attended over 3 model united nations events where you have to efficiently communicate ideas and proposals while working on a team.

Bootstrapping my metaverse original idea taught me many things about how the web3 works. I learned that it’s essential to be validated by other projects to become successful, thus, I slowly pivoted my idea towards what I think is the holy grail of the projects I have thought of. The project has been pivoting and evolving as we have been spotting the different needs of the crypto industry, we have exited oversaturated markets and always choose the correct idea to not only benefit ourselves but most importantly the web3 community

What problem is your company/project trying to solve?

Our DAO essentially is leverage and a validator for NFT bootstrap projects, to be successful in the saturated market you must spend a lot in marketing, which is unconventional if you have a small team, or a hard to market idea. Thus, through our ecosystem of a conglomerate of NFT communities, we are creating a DAO that helps each other out. The main agent is our $verse token, the idea behind our ecosystem is that to enter the DAO you must own an NFT of an affiliated project, through our Dapp you will be able to stake this NFT and earn $verse rewards, $verse rewards can be spent in our marketplace where all of our clans of different projects offer items and services, for instance, we will sell mining hash power and services of game experience creation when someone purchases a service from the marketplace, the service provider will earn 1 governance token for each $verse that the person spent. This is how we secure that people who contribute the most to our ecosystem utility will have the most governance on the DAO. Through our dApp, we will also create a shark tank where people can spend their $verse tokens to invest in early-stage ideas that want to share their projects with us. Our community will become an essential DAO for any project that wants to be validated in the crypto space, as the requirements to enter the DAO will be meticulously analyzed so none of our contributors are bad actors or has desires to scam their buyers.

What makes your company/project unique?

Describe what solutions to the problem you are trying to solve existed before your company/project was created and then explain how your company/project is a better solution for the problem. (Please use language that an “average” person can understand.)

When thinking about the solutions that 8BM offers for the industry we try to give a general oversight of this, right now there are so many scams in the NFT community or projects that are not flippable at all because they may have a good design, but what matters the most is the idea behind it, what it’s done with the funds. We strongly believe that the funds and NFT project gains are not destined for the expenses of the founder team, but the development of the project and the community. To have an NFT validated in the market as not a scam is only decided by the community itself, that is the key paper that we want to have in the NFT community, a DAO that validates NFT projects, while also giving them the utility they need to prosper through our ecosystem.

$verse tokens are the key to building the community, to expand this message we are growing partnership-based, rather than selling smoke through paid marketing campaigns. Organic growth and acceptance is the key to success for a community validator. What kind of validator would we become if all of our members are gathered from TikTok ads? The kind of people that we want in our DAO are project managers and CEOs with actual impact on the web3, which is why we are so meticulously cautious with the projects that enter our DAO.

Describe the process of launching the company/project.

Initially, our company wanted to create a casino in the Sandbox metaverse, for which we gathered a team of 20 people through bootstrap techniques in the sandbox discord community, we slowly built the casino but as other projects like sand vegas casino grew, I realized that naturally, there are hundreds more of people who thought of this idea first, thus, I pivoted the game experience into a community hub, a hub for all of the clans inside the DAO, to promote their project and have their own space built on the metaverse. The first important milestone of the team was arranging a partnership with 8BM, we wanted to merge projects where we gave part of the metaverse benefits to the collection. But my mind never stops thinking, and as I spent more and more hours on the project my ideas kept growing, some ideas replaced older ones, and some completely pivoted our main product. We first started wanting to market our game experience in the sandbox, later on, we wanted to market 8BM nft collection, but I knew that if I would not spend my money in the NFT, someone else would most definitely not, thus, I kept thinking and thinking of the perfect idea, and I realized that what I had been doing through bootstrap, is a process that not everyone is aware they need to do to get validated in the market, you need the community to approve that your idea is not a scam. Then I decided to dive into learning how DAO operates. I learned about gnosis. safe, snapshot, and finally decided that this was the final idea.

How are you marketing your product?

We have many things to market depending on our target client:

NFT flippers will want to buy our not because they have insane utility and you are investing into hash power and passive income more than just a profile picture.

NFT projects will want to enter our DAO so they can validate their idea and start gathering a big community with the support of 8 BM, also we are providing them with the infinite utility to their collection that they don’t even need to code.

Businesses that want to move onto web3 will want to get on board with us because we have gathered a team that can build anything on the metaverse, more than 30 different people that cover all roles to create a successful metaverse game experience are working elbow to elbow. Also, our DAO will automatically validate and leverage any game experience built by us.

Cryptocurrency investors will want to buy our $verse token because it’s deflationary, backed by mining hash power, and has constant buybacks from the benefits of the DAO, also it has utility in comparison to 90% of the cryptos, you can spend our token in service, items and even buy mining power!

People who want to get into the mining industry but don´t know-how, they can just buy our NFT and they will be investing in mining power.

Our business is perfectly rounded and the only thing left for success is arranging a partnership with venture capital or accelerator, until then we are gathering partnerships that will leverage our community.

Now that our members have grown into 2000 members we have a constant cash-burn free workforce, working for equity on the DAO, which will inevitably make the project successful, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day you will see our collection in the top 10 of open sea.

What are the biggest challenges you have faced while building your company/project?

The biggest challenge we have had is to convince people into working for this idea because we aren’t paying anyone, many people were hesitant to work, around 100 people have passed through our team and right now we are 30. Due to this, people kept losing their motivation when there was not much activity, thus, I had to reach out to another partnership or do anything I had in reach so that people would regain their hopes, I have worked days without sleeping live streaming on the groups of people could notice how hardworking I was, and that I would not let all of these work hours put into the project, fall into the abyss. The next challenge is to become a validated DAO, for this we need to first gain powerful partnerships, which we already are on the way to do so, we now have mentorship from Santander bank and Swansea university, access to the brickken.com code for future tokenisation plans and to raise funds in a decentralized way. Also most importantly, the biggest challenge is to sacrifice my whole social life and studies into developing the project, I am aware that the web3 is a fast-moving industry and that this idea will only be successful if I tirelessly work, right now I am writing this at 1 am after 24 hours of working in the DAO.

Through starting the company/project, have you learned anything particularly helpful or advantageous about the crypto/blockchain “space”?

If I can take something from the crypto industry is that this is the most lovely community of them all, we are almost like a religion, and we must help each other, our competitors should be seen as our friends because they are validating our idea by creating a similar product, competence is healthy in this industry because it’s mostly open source and open code, we are all building layer after layer to fight against all Corporations that rule the world. It is my most beautiful goal and aims to keep the fight going until we no longer can be silenced by the press as a very big bubble, or to be defamed by bankers so that we don’t take the money from our bank accounts, let me remind you that if we did that if all of us took only 3% of the total money in existence from our bank accounts, the economy would collapse because 97% of it is based off bank deposits.

I have also learned that if you want to become something in the web3 more than an investor, you have to be validated, your view must be shared, and you must build a community and almost a religion if necessary. If I had to advise any of you who want to build an NFT or crypto project, I would first advise you to study what the market needs, if there are similar products to yours, how you can beat the competition, and why people would buy your product. Finally, ask yourself: Would I invest in my product?

How are you doing today and what does the future look like?

Right now we are focused on growing our partnerships and our social media presence, our infrastructure is being built as we speak, mainly focused on the front end web design. We are also reaching out for venture capital to support our project but we are considering raising capital only in a decentralized way, which would align with the goals of our community.

Our future goals are to first build our Dapp to perfection and to keep bringing companies into our DAO, we want to create an ecosystem that is a safe zone for investors, and we want people to see that any project that you can earn $verse through staking their NFT is a legit project that will not lose you money, at least not because of a rug pull.

We want to develop the DAO as a representative democracy of all major crypto projects in the web3 and we think this is gonna be a very hard task to manage, but surely we will be able to through constant work. As for myself, I would like to onboard as many people as I can to the web3 in a secure manner, many investors are afraid of moving to web3 and Defi because there are so many scams in this industry, I am creating a perimeter where people can safely learn about the web3 before they fully merge into it.

What have been the most helpful crypto/blockchain books, podcasts, and/or other resources?

To learn about the crypto community you must be part of it, it’s not something that you will learn in a youtube tutorial, watching youtube videos about web3 and crypto helps a lot as well, but you must be involved in some aspect, being a member of a DAO is a good way to start. Every time you meet someone ask them who is into crypto, ask them why to get to know their interests, this is how you will learn the most. I took an example from my mother. She wanted to invest but had no idea so she never did until I taught her the basics. The same goes with mining, everyone thinks it’s too difficult to mine but it can be even easier if you just buy an NFT that does everything for you. THIS IS THE BEAUTY OF WEB3.

Starting from the documentary Zeitgeist on youtube, I realized that the system is so corrupt that decentralizing everything is the only solution to our problems. This is why bitcoin is constantly growing in price. People say it’s a bubble but the real bubble is the infinite printing of dollars.

What is your advice for someone just starting in the crypto/blockchain space?

If this is the first thing you ever read about the crypto space I would recommend you join a Reddit or discord community, there are constant resources for people to learn about how everything works, and every day you learn something new. I would say I don’t know shit about web3 because there are infinite amounts of knowledge. If only I could insert a neuro link in my brain everything would be easier.

Make sure to join a community that you can work with, not only a community that asks for your money, these are the communities that will leverage you into probably working in a full-time job in the future. You should spot small crypto projects that you like and tell them to offer your help, everyone is recruiting in the crypto space, but it’s not the conventional recruitment that you find in an enterprise, this recruitment is like having a side hustle in your life where you invest your time in that instead of playing games. It’s a side hustle that you should only take if you enjoy it, if you don’t then you don’t belong in the crypto space as a builder.

Are you looking to hire for certain positions right now?

The 8BM DAO is currently open to making partnerships with any project, we do 1 on 1 meetings with all founders to understand their ideals. We are also offering work positions to anyone that wants to get into the industry, giving them a % of the sales. Anyone interested can check the links below;

Where can we go to learn more?