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08 August #NFT #Developers #Metaverse#DeFi&Trading


Nonfungible tokens don’t live on the blockchain, experts say

Nonfungible tokens (NFTs) are advertised as blockchain-based technologies, there are misconceptions about how they are stored according to two experts. They argued that technically, these tokens do not exist in the blockchain but are actually stored elsewhere. Jonathan Victor noted that storing data off-chain doesn’t mean it’s centralized. It’s still decentralized when it’s done thoughtfully…(Read More)

🔗 Developers
What is Chainlink VRF and how does it work?
什么是Chainlink VRF & 它是如何工作的?

Using the provably fair and verifiable random number generator provided by Chainlink VRF, smart contracts can access random values without compromising security or usability…(Read More)

🌖 Metaverse
Netflix Builds ‘Gray Man’ Metaverse Experience in Decentraland

The purpose is two-fold: promote its new action movie “The Gray Man,” featuring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, and explore new interactive ways that a brand can connect with fans virtually…(Read More)

Meta Reportedly Issuing $10 Billion in Bonds to Invest in Its Metaverse Products and Other Initiatives

Meta, one of the first companies that pivoted to the metaverse as part of its main business model, is set to issue debt in order to continue to fund part of its operations and to maintain a healthy free cash flow. According to reports coming from people close to the deal, the company will be issuing $10 billion in bonds as part of the first debt offering of this kind for the tech giant…(Read More)

📈 DeFi & Trading
Citi: Ethereum’s Merge Will Have Several Consequences for the Blockchain

The Ethereum blockchain’s planned Merge, an upgrade that changes it from a proof-of-work (PoW) system to a more environmentally friendly proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism, will have a number of consequences, Citigroup said in a research report Thursday…(Read More)

DeFi Protocol Voltz Could Bring 150% Interest Rate on Ether Deposits
DeFi Protocol Voltz可以为以太坊存款带来150%的利率

As the Ethereum blockchain’s Merge approaches, traders and venues are seeing the event as an opportunity to pocket fat yields — possibly signaling a renewed appetite for risk in crypto just months after its big market crash…(Read More)

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#RNG #web3

Chainlink VRF为区块链业界的安全随机数生成器(RNG,Random Number Generator),为智能合约和链下系统提供可验证且防止篡改的随机数来源。


为了解决这个问题,Chainlink VRF结合了链下预言机计算和链上加密技术,将区块数据与预言机节点预先提交的私钥结合,生成随机数以及加密证明。“预言机”是一种基于共识的网络(BlockChain Oracle,将外界的信息写入区块链内让区块链与现实世界数据互通的途径),能够提供端到端的去中心化,增强了智能合约的性能、功能和互操作性,以提供比链上系统更高程度的信任和透明度。

Chainlink VRF对可以解决传统RNG方案的风险(来源:Chainlink)

Chainlink VRF 为智能合约提供随机数生成 (RNG),通过在区块链驱动的应用程序中利用随机结果,帮助开发人员构建更好的体验。 其提供的防篡改随机性不能被任何节点运营商、用户甚至恶意实体操纵,因为 预言机网络(DON)中的每个预言机都有一个关联的私钥和公钥对,其中私钥在链下维护而公钥是在链上发布的。

应用案例。去中心化金融 (DeFi) 空间中可靠的智能合约应用程序,例如 PoolTogether以及 Moonbeam等都是依靠着Chainlink VRF运作。同时,RNG能够有助于NFT以一种更公平的方式分发,且提供了智能合约所需的计算资源和基础设施,使其具备高级功能。 与其他 DON 一起,促进了一种开发人员可以完全信任、使用的通用框架。

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