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All it takes is a drop of blood on Wolf’s teeth…

I take this moment to share with you a great happening…

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Anyways, let’s get back to the current state of the market.

The time we’re going through is perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Financial Markets are offering an immaculate opportunity to accumulate value and bid for growth!

We’ll be the wolf pack on the hunt!

Patiently planning our hunt, strategizing, observing, filtering out the noise, making sure our prey is out of breath — only then taking it down and for good!

Now, let’s take a look at the market and outline what, when, and how we‘ll take on.

$BTC is WEAK, P E R I O D !

_ Broken Down greater time frame Upward Parallel Channel

_ Broken Down smaller time frame Upward Parallel Channel

_ Below Weekly 20SMA

_ Below Weekly Mean Reversion Channel Mid-Line

_ Touched Weekly Volatility Adjusted GANN Grid Ordinal Cross at $30,000 even going as low as $29,701.40

_ $30,000 Psychological Barrier has already been penetrated

_ Red Candles are consecutive & strong with short & minor rests, counting 6 since the week of March 28

So What?!

_ a retrace to the Supply Zone at $35,388.00 — $36,679.30 is expected

_ We will observe how the price enters & exits this supply zone

_ If the price cannot hold on to this supply zone, a move to the upside is probable, however, on the contrary, if the price leaves this supply zone strongly & quickly to the downside, our immediate term target for accumulation will be at $19,375.00 — $16,181.00 as this level is a MAJOR DEMAND ZONE WELL WATCHED BY SMART-BIG MONEY

_ Should the price see this level, we will expect with confidence a test of the $11,921.20 — $9,808.60 as this is the Valhalla of $BTC Odin

Why $BTC Analysis?!

_ We see no inherent value in $BTC other than its ‘attributed’ value

_ $BTC is no major problem-solver, Lighting Network is not efficient, economic, or fast, not with true transitioning capabilities a few but major facts

_ $BTC does not provide you with privacy which we believe is a major consideration of crypto assets

_ $XMR — Monero on the other hand is a true blockchain value with privacy concerns solved; non-traceable, thus non-trackable fitting perfectly well within the ultimate philosophy & value of blockchain & decentralization

_ The reason why we analyze $BTC here in this report is because of the fact that it is like the ‘Band-Aid’ of crypto space and the most prominent figure on the catwalk stage

_ It is also the crypto-asset with the most value locked

_ However, we see a major asymmetric behavior between the ‘so-called’ Alt-Coins and $BTC

_ We do not believe they should ever further be called Alt-Coins

_ Most of these so-called Alt-Coins offer far more value, solutions, value-added, and security than $BTC

_ $BTC opened the dam gates but has not been the dam breaker

_ $BTC could not prove to be a defender during times of uncertainty, Ukraine-Russia case, the global hyper-inflationary period, strengthening $DXY & $US10Y

_ $BTC may be and indeed is a store of value but not the only and/or the best one

_ We see far more potential in Alt-Coins, and our portfolio is focused on Alt-Coins

_ The combined value, problem-solving capabilities, value-added, security, expandability, flexibility, economics, and speed in both blockchain technology and crypto assets side of Alt-Coins is far stronger and grander than $BTC

_ OK, we don’t treat $BTC as a lost soul ;) but in investing there is no room for emotional decision making, romanticism, and/or extremism

_ Risk & Wealth Management is pure Mathematics, period

Again, So, What the Heck are We Gonna Do?!

_ We’ll be on the hunt for anything & everything that stands within our Principle Value & Growth Investing Strategy with respect to our Quantitative Acquisition & Accumulation Algorithm not disregarding Qualitative Methods to go hand in hand

_ Patience is the key element here


_ We’ll be hunting like wolves, not bursting ourselves on the chase

_ We will drive our prey to exhaustion

_ We’ll be watching out for our prey to get exhausted

_ We will then take it down for good with no hesitation

_ There is no room for indecisiveness or hesitation

_ We surely will get hurt; physically & mentally, but never spiritually

The way $BTC moves will be our reference to our hunt, certainly not the only one.

We will be observing the below — but not limited to:

_ $DXY

_ $US10Y

_ $GOLD$

_ $OIL

_ $COMMODITIES (Soft & Hard)


We will take our acquisitions & accumulations, and trades accordingly.

Why ‘All it takes is a drop of blood on a Wolf’s tooth…’?

Wolf is a determined & persevering hunter that calculates well the risks involved and the worth of its prey.

Once the wolf takes the decision, nothing can stop him, nothing!

The sharp teeth tearing off his skin, tons weighing powered kick breaking his bones; all coming from its prey do not stop him from taking his prey down because even a drop of blood from his prey on his teeth during their scuffle is enough for him to take it to the limit, even paying the price with his life.

Now is such a time to believe in the power & potential of blockchain & crypto-assets!

Nathan Rothschild, a 19th-century British financier and member of the Rothschild banking family, is credited with saying that “the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets, especially if it is also your very own blood”

Whether or not Rothschild actually uttered the famous line, reveals an important truth about betting against market psychology.

Investing is not for the weak!

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