Cryptoterminal — Bear-Market- Resilient Business 🐻 💰

  1. GM, Crypto Geckos! 🦎
  2. TL;DR
  3. What do you get from Ari10?

GM, Crypto Geckos! 🦎

Ari10 Group is the ecosystem of 5 products — Bitcan Exchange, Cryptowidget, Payment Institution, Crypto-fiat Gateway (soon) and Cryptoterminals.

Today we will focus on the last one.

The market situation is far from perfect, so let the fundamentals speak. It’s time for long-term focused builders.


This article is a must-have for all entrepreneurs and creative crypto geckos who want to unlock the earning possibilities.

We will show you how to build a bear-market-resilient business from scratch.

If that sounds good for you, scroll down and check why running the Cryptoterminal business might be a great opportunity:

Table of Contents 📝

  1. Introduction.
  2. What is the Cryptoterminal?
  3. What you get from Ari10?
  4. The cooperation process.
  5. Why it is worth?
  6. What is coming soon?

Introduction ✴️

Imagine how many businesses are dependent on the market situation.

  • Selling ice cream is a seasonal business.
  • Selling books depends on the level of awareness in society.
  • Tax-preparation services do 80% of the revenue within 1–2 months.

Entrepreneurs spend decades looking for a “multi-million-dollar business idea”.

Surprise: most of them never find it.

Plus, 90% of companies fail in the long term or fall when the trend ends.

If you are a crypto enthusiast, have an entrepreneurial world-view, and you are looking for biz to enter, this article is for you.

What is the Cryptoterminal? 🤔

Cryptoterminal is a crypto-exchange device, placed in PoSs (Stationary points of sales).

It’s a tool for investors (to buy crypto with cash) and for entrepreneurs (to start a business with their own PoS).

Currently, you can buy & sell bitcoin, tether (USDT) and ethereum.

We’ve also integrated Cryptoterminals with the BSC network. It means that you can buy USDT on BSC and not spend $30 on transaction fees.

The Ari10 business model works in a white-label mode.

(White label products are sold by retailers with their own branding and logo but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party)

For now, there are over 120 points in Poland:


What’s the key point here?

Stationary exchange offices get revenue regardless of the market situation. Assets go from hand to hand whether the Bitcoin price is high, or low.

  • When there is a bull market, smart investors come to take profits from their investments.
  • When it is a bear market, smart investors come to accumulate assets with strong fundamentals (DCA, babe).
  • Cryptoterminals earn commissions on transactions, not the cryptocurrency exchange rate

The Cooperation process ⏳

It’s not rocket science. Anyone can do it.

STEP 1: Fill out the application form.

STEP 2: Learn how to use the device.

STEP 3: Open a stationary crypto exchange office.

After this step, the results and profitability of the business depend on your marketing.

What do you get from Ari10?

  1. All the documents (e. g. AML, you don’t have to spend money on it).
  2. The device itself (cryptoterminal).
  3. The collaboration agreement.

The initial costs are relatively very low, so anyone can start a crypto exchange office biz.

Why Is It Worth?

  1. You don’t have to be the AML & legal master (Ari10 prepares a doc package).
  2. Cryptoterminal can become the primary revenue source, but it can also be an additional income.
  3. It’s an easy-scalable business (you can build your network of exchange offices and earn passive income, [example: with 9 PoS]).
  4. This type of crypto-related business gets revenue regardless of the market situation (the business model is based on transaction commissions).
  5. It’s an easy-to-build additional income source, especially for those who are running the business so far. For example, if you are a hairdresser, running a jewellery store, or the exchange of fiat currencies, you can simply add the device to the point and base the marketing on the possibility of exchanging crypto.

(Just FYI: nowadays, only 300 MLN use crypto. Over 5B of people are using the internet. Do the math and consider being early)

What Is Coming Soon? 🚀

If you are precisely listening to our AMA sessions, you know that we will add more fiat currencies to the Bitcan Exchange.

However, Ari10 Group is an ecosystem, so we aim for unifying all the products. We will add USD and EUR to the Cryptoterminals until the end of 2022.

With that, investors will be able to exchange crypto to different trading pairs (i.e. BTC-USD / BTC-EUR, instead of only BTC-PLN).

It’s a huge step forward to crypto adoption and foreign expansion.


People buy the same thing but have different preferences on how to buy it. Some don’t want to do everything online. Others want to research online and purchase offline (ROPO). Different factors determine how a customer buys or sells Bitcoin.

What’s more, if an investor would like to realise a profit, it is not a comfortable situation to withdraw i.e. 10 000 EUR from the ATM in a busy mall or train station. Thanks to our business mechanisms, the stationary crypto exchange industry is doing well and is not affected by the presence of major exchanges. ~ Ari10 Co-Founder & Cryptoterminal Product Owner, Janusz Zieliński

Article Summary 📝

Thanks for your time!

What you have to take from this article is that the Cryptoterminal business earns regardless of the market condition.

People will always exchange money.

Keep that in mind.

If you are interested in establishing your own PoS, visit and fill the form. We will contact you in 24 hours.

PS. Here you will find the interview with Cryptoterminal Product Owner, Janusz Zieliński

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