Cryptocurrency Is A Way For African-Americans To Close The Wealth Gap

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My financial mentor berated me about investing in cryptocurrency. I finally gave in after months of conversations about it. I’m glad I did. Though I’m a techie and was exposed to cryptocurrency years ago, I didn’t prioritize the crypto thing until 2021. However, it’s always a great time to become an investor.

If you didn’t know, African Americans are way behind on the financial spectrum. Our wealth has essentially flatlined in comparison to white wealth. The graph below is a traumatic site.

Photo Credit: Image Source: Federal Reserve Distributional Financial Accounts

Context: The Racial Wealth Gap

Just over 150 years ago, half of the dollars in circulation had pictures of enslaved people picking cotton on them. Slaves represented wealth in America and were worth over 3 billion dollars by 1863. Thankfully a lot of change has occurred since then, and many racial barriers have been broken, but many barriers are still present.

The racial wealth gap measures white household wealth and black household wealth.

The median white household wealth is $171,000. The median black household is $17,600. Furthermore, the gap between the two races continues to grow exponentially. — Source, Explained, 2018

As time continues, the racial wealth gap expands for black individuals and other minorities. Furthermore, the distance between the upper and lower class continues to move at an uncomfortable and accelerated pace. The middle class is slowly disappearing.

What Black Americans Need to Do From Here

Though African-Americans are far behind many other races financially, we can take beneficial action that will keep us in the race.

  1. Educate yourself.
  2. Create multiple passive income sources.
  3. Maintain consistent income.
  4. Invest diversely (REITs, real estate, private equity, stocks, bonds, etc.)
  5. Real Estate

6. Explore cryptocurrency

As you build your investment portfolio, it is critical to allocate at least 1–5% (depending on your risk tolerance) of your portfolio to cryptocurrency.

The returns on cryptocurrency are astronomical since the market is so volatile, but don’t focus on this. Get into cryptocurrency to build long-term wealth.

Buy and hold.

Or buy and hold a crypto asset for a specific duration that will return you a considerable investment that you can invest in another cryptocurrency, as my mentor recommends.

Most importantly, do your research to know which crypto assets to invest in instead of making decisions based on hearsay. The intelligent investor consistently outperforms the masses.

Disclaimer: Only invest money you’re willing to lose in cryptocurrency since it’s a volatile asset.

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