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Passive Income with hi Mobile Banking created by the author.

Remember when banks used to give 5 or 6% interest with your passbook savings? Local banks would even give you a little gift for signing up and send you a Christmas card.

Now all they do is charge maximum rates and massive fees. Everything at a brick-and-mortar bank includes a massive fee, and they think it’s special to give you interest on your checking account if you maintain their prescribed minimum balance.

If you use a different bank’s ATM, you will incur an ATM fee. Suppose you go on vacation to a foreign country and use an ATM. In that case, you will incur a foreign transaction fee on top of the extra they take for converting your money to the local currency.

Don’t even think about traveling outside the country without notifying them if you intend to use your credit or debit card. It will most likely be identified as fraud, and they will freeze your card if you don’t.

Passive income & cryptocurrency with hi Mobile Banking

Passive income refers to receiving recurring payments with little or no actual labor. Many look to rental properties or Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), dividend stocks, bonds, and certificates of deposits to earn passive income.

Most of these opportunities require a significant upfront deposit. Kind of like that adage, “It takes money to make money.” However, the hi mobile banking app is a new and exciting method of earning passive income.

Earn 11% APY on your USDT

Simply transfer cryptocurrency or buy and hold various coins within the hi mobile banking app to earn every day. Some worry about the cryptocurrency market’s volatility; however, you can earn up to 11% annual percentage yield (APY) on Tether (USDT) and rest peacefully at night knowing your crypto is safe and earning passive income.

The beauty of USDT is that it is a “stablecoin.” Staking with stablecoins is fundamentally the same as putting money into a passbook savings account at your bank.

That’s essential to limit “volatility.” Since USDT is “pegged to the USD $1.00,” volatility is not a concern. Your $5,000 (or whatever amount you save) is earning interest, and the principal of $5,000 will be retained as its value.

“Tether (USDT) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency whose tokens in circulation are backed by an equivalent amount of U.S. dollars, making it a stablecoin with a price pegged to USD $1.00. Stablecoins track traditional fiat currencies, like the dollar, the euro, or the Japanese yen, which are held in a designated bank account.” Investopedia.

What’s great about the hi mobile banking system of flexible earning is that the 11% APY is paid “in kind” — that means you’ll get more USDT, ETH, or whichever crypto you are staking.

Many exchanges that offer staking pay in small fiat (government-issued money) installments, then you have to wait until you have enough to convert and pay the exchange fees, but hi pays you in the crypto you staked — weekly with no fees.

Of course, if you want to accept a little more volatility, you can purchase and save Ethereum (ETH) for up to 5.5% APY. Therefore, if the price of ETH goes up substantially, you’ll earn on APY and the price increase if you decide to sell.

Plus, when staking with hi Mobile Banking, you only need 0.1 ETH, whereas most exchanges require 32 ETH to start staking. That’s a lot of money — even at ETH’s reduced recent price of $2,350, that would cost $75,200.

Once again proving, “It takes money to make money,” with other exchanges — hi mobile banking app is the working person’s platform!

You can also choose from various altcoins on the hi mobile banking platform to earn very competitive “Fixed Term Earn” rates, including the $HI native token that pays up to 40% APY.

Final thoughts on the hi Mobile Banking App

hi Mobile Banking gives you many choices other than Flexible Earn. Keep in mind; that very few exchanges allow you to collect APY interest without “locked staking.”

Locked Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network.Binance Academy.

Many exchanges make you lock your cryptocurrency for a specific period to get a better APY rate. That’s not a problem as long as your crypto’s value goes sideways or within a small range, but if your crypto’s price jumps up, you might want to sell to get the best price. However, if it’s locked, you can’t without paying a penalty. Review (Next-Gen Mobile Banking)

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This LigerWoods video premiered on YouTube on 22 Mar, so this information is up-to-date.

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