Crypto Retail Investors made Huge Exit in Q1 2022, Institutions Take the Lead


After a bullish 2021, this year has been tough for all the retail players in the crypto market. The crypto market has undergone several cycles of correction and much recently during the last month. In the last 45 days, the crypto market has lost more than $800 billion. However, Coinbase data shows that the mass exodus of retail players from the crypto market started during Q1 2022.

With reference to data released by crypto exchange Coinbase last week, CryptoQuant CEO Ki-Young Ju said,

“76% of the trading volume at Coinbase came from institutional investors in Q1 2022″

He further added:

Retail investors are leaving the crypto market. Not bad for accumulating Bitcoin with institutions, but still worried about overall volume which has significantly decreased compared to last year”.

There’s no doubt that the recent market correction has shaken retail and institutional players alike but at the same time, retail players have recently lost billions of dollars with the collapse of the Terra ecosystem last week.

Furthermore, the Bitcoin fear and greed index shows that we are currently in the extreme fear zone. However, this could prove to be the right time for long-term accumulation.

Inflows Return to Bitcoin Funds:

On May 16, CoinShares published a report stating that institutions poured $300 million into Bitcoin funds last week despite the heavy market correction. A majority of these funds came from the North American institutions while the European institutions recorded net outflows. The report states:

A strong signal that investors saw the recent UST stable coin de-peg and its associated broad sell-off as a buying opportunity. Bitcoin was the primary benefactor, with inflows totaling US$299m last week, suggesting investors were flocking to the relative safety of the largest digital asset

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As written by Niranjan Duguta

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