Crypto Profit Window Open for Solar Farm Miner


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After months of trial and error and not getting my ROI fast enough from projects like,, Splassive, etc. I realized a fact that was right in front of my face that I was ignoring; that fact is that the window for good profit from these types of projects is a lot shorter than I hoped or believed.

Once I realized that, I dug in and got down and dirty to start finding new projects that have recently kicked off within the last 14 days, have a good starting contract amount, and indicators that they will not rug(I’ve found in most cases a project will rug within 3 days of launch if it is going to rug) and the project is secure.

I’ve found a few projects that fit these criteria over the last couple of days. Still, the one I’m most excited about is Solar Farm Miner, which launched 11 days ago from the writing of this article.

What is Solar Farm Miner

From the Solar Farm Miner Medium Page

Solar Farm is based around three assets. BNB, Solar Panels and Power (in Gigawatts). Deposit BNB in exchange for Panels. Your Panels will go to work earning Power. You will earn 14.29% of your Panels per day in the form of watts shown under “Manage Solar Farm”. Follow the 6:1 protocol to extend the life of the platform. That means compounding your earnings 6 days, then claiming the 7th day.

Compounding is the process in which your Power Generated is converted back into Panels to increase your daily income by generating even more Power.

Daily percentage is up to 14.20%. This depends on claiming habits, time of day you compound or deposit, TVL fluctuation. The contract is written to provide an optimal entry for any and all users, new or old.

This is the reason the Panels per BNB amount changes frequently with TVL fluctuation to provide an even playing field for any new user coming to Solar Farm and not give the first user a head start.

So basically, it’s another miner with a higher APR and a built-in calculator(which is refreshing). I would honestly guess the lifespan of this project will be 1 to 2 months, but that is plenty of time to make your ROI and then a little profit before moving on to your next degen play.

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Update: Solar Farm has started to take off; the project launched its $SOLAR token today with a 3% tax that goes back to the miner’s TVL. Due to the massive surge of players, a large amount of $SOLAR may be purchased and increase the TVL to extend this project for a little longer.