Crypto Miners vs. Fairy Finance Nodes: The Ultimate Benchmark

  1. Fairy Finance & Fairy Finance Nodes
  2. Transparency
  3. Daily APR
  4. Business Model vs. Ponzi Scheme
  5. Risk of rug pull/scams

Since our last article about crypto miners, we have received tons of feedback and questions. That’s why we decided to do another post about it. This time we will do a 1:1 benchmark and discuss why crypto miners are a no-go investment and how Fairy Finance Nodes outperform them by far.

Let’s start with some definitions and background about both investments.

Crypto Miners

When we talk about crypto miners, we mean “investment platforms” such as Baked Beans, BNB Miner, Crocodile Nest, or similar products on other chains. The central aspect these platforms have in common is they all advertise a very high APR (>3% daily).

Fairy Finance & Fairy Finance Nodes

Fairy Finance, on the other side, is one of the most promising and sustainable projects launched recently on the CRONOS network. The project is a so-called “multi-token project” containing three tokens: UNICORN, which is pegged 1:1 to CRO (the main token of the CRONOS network), WINGS, and MAGICBOND.

Fairy Finance launched beginning of August and offers a wide range of investment services and possibilities. Today, Fairy Finance is a complete ecosystem with staking, yield farming, nodes, tons of additional features, and a rapidly growing community.

Oh, and talking about community: This is something we’re definitely proud of. Want to know why? Join our Discord or Telegram and find out yourself!

Crypto Miners vs. Fairy Finance Nodes: The Ultimate Benchmark

In the following chapters, we look at various essential attributes for investors and assess the two investment opportunities.


Crypto miners are usually highly intransparent. It starts with the team behind a project, continues with documentation, and ends with the actual APR. Usually, you don’t know what is happening—you don’t know the current APR. So from our point of view, it’s like investing in a black box.

At Fairy Finance, we pay the greatest attention to transparency. On top of that, we want our investors to feel safe and informed every time. Therefore, the entire project team and developers are active on communication channels, such as Discord or Telegram, and can be approached anytime. Moreover, Fairy Finance has extensive and high-quality documentation. Finally, all attributes, such as TVL or daily APR, are available every time!

Fairy Finance Nodes vs. Crypto Miners: 1:0

Daily APR

Most crypto miners mark their daily returns as “up to xx” — for example, 3%. However, this percentage depends on many factors. One of the most essential is the overall growth of the project. That means the project can only pay high returns if more money floods in than pours out. Unfortunately, due to the current market situation, the TVL of most miners shrinks daily. Therefore, the daily returns are much lower than advertised.

Fairy Finance is not chasing the highest APR but can offer very juicy returns reliably and transparently. As shown in the screenshot below, depending on the chosen nodes, daily APR can be as high as almost 3%. Although crypto miners advertise higher APR, we doubt that they deliver it right now.

Fairy Finance Nodes vs. Crypto Miners: 2:0

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Business Model vs. Ponzi Scheme

Crypto miners are Ponzi schemes at their best. They only work if and as long as new investors join. You have to bear that in mind. So far, we haven’t found a crypto miner that has introduced a proper business model to deliver the daily returns they promise.

Fairy Finance is a sophisticated blockchain platform. The returns our nodes generate are not based on new investors’ money. On the contrary, we are an inflationary protocol and can create the tokens that are paid out. Moreover, we utilize several measures to develop project liquidity, from fees to yield farming, NFTs, and gaming. Accordingly, nodes pay returns even if no new nodes are created. Moreover, everyone has the same possibilities to make money with nodes. It doesn’t matter if you are early or late!

Fairy Finance Nodes vs. Crypto Miners: 3:0

Risk of rug pull/scams

When looking at the crypto miners, the risk of a rug pull has increased massively during the last few months. Due to the problematic situation across the entire crypto space, we’ve seen many projects that pulled the rug. Accordingly, we are convinced that this trend will continue during the following months. Also, the number of scam crypto miners has grown exponentially over the last months. Moreover, it is getting increasingly tough to identify scam projects.

Of course, we are in the world of DeFi, which means there’s always some risk. However, Fairy Finance and similar projects have an entirely different level of professionalism and security compared to miners. At Fairy Finance, all of our contacts are renounced, which means even we can change them as the project team. Moreover, we have an active community, support channels, and much more to support our investors.

Fairy Finance Nodes vs. Crypto Miners: 4:0

Summarized: Fairy Finance Nodes — The Better Alternative!

We hope we can demonstrate why Fairy Finance Nodes are a much better investment than any crypto miner out there. If you want to check out our nodes, you can follow this link.

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This article is no financial advice! Please do your own research before investing in Fairy Finance.