CRYPTO COWBOYS: An exclusive CNFT club with members-only benefits


The crucial idea of NFTs is symbolic and indicates proprietorship. While they have confidence in the meaning of an artwork, the motivation behind Crypto Cowboys is to address something beyond the proprietor of an image. Proprietors of Crypto Cowboys are individuals from the Crypto Cowboy’s Club, approaching mystery discussions and a private farm in the Metaverse (reasonable Pavia’s). NFTs from Crypto Cowboy is something beyond graphics; they mean your participation in the Crypto Cowboy’s Club.

Crypto Cowboys is another workmanship classification given blockchain innovation that utilizes the ERC-721 symbolic norm. This token represents how you showed up in a visual record, similar to NFTs will in the future. This is the main work of its sort to incorporate both tokenized symbolism and blockchain ideas into a solitary piece of artwork.

Individualization of advanced workmanship things will be conceivable on account of blockchain innovation. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) will be utilized to address these things, which might be a picture, a film, a sound document, or some other advanced craftsmanship item. Utilizing artificial intelligence, NFTs might portray how you were depicted in a visual record or even the way that you view yourself in your contemplations (AI). The Crypto Cowboys craftsmanship type is included four significant parts. These incorporate an Ethereum address, the Metamask wallet module (viable with Chrome, Mozilla, and Brave programs), CryptoKitties, and a unique picture. Each Crypto Cowboy is exceptional, hence by buying one, you will end up being the new proprietor of your blockchain. This won’t ever be duplicated or imparted to any other individual.


Current: Initial Brand and CNFT Creation

They are currently working on our roadmap, finalizing the design on the CNFTs, and prepping for launch! they will be done with this phase soon at which point they will do a small presale with one of the partners!


They are holding the CNFT sale on February 1st! You can mint a random CryptoCowboys nft for 100 ADA, or the equivalent value in ASHIB (an exact number will be given at the time of minting).

Private Chat and Metaverse Expansion

After the public CNFT sale, they will set up a private chat available only to Crypto Cowboy’s Club members. The goal is to create a community to freely discuss crypto, other upcoming CNFT projects, and the future of Crypto Cowboys. As Pavia and the Cardano ecosystem expands, they will grow with it ideally setting up a private virtual ranch, but this is contingent on the capabilities projects like Pavia bring to the chain


The CRYPTO COWBOY ASHIB project has great prospects. Thanks to the well-coordinated and constructive work of the team of professionals, the project takes first place among competitors.


Crypto Cowboys is a combination of an excellent team, innovative ideas. This project is giving priority to their customer so this project is growing very fast. I am sure this succeed.

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