Creating PRX Metaverse


The Binance Smart Chain-powered PRX Metaverse is a dynamic, immersive 3D virtual world that focuses on social connectivity and integration between “virtual and physical surroundings and virtual economy.” A universe unlike any other immerses you in a variety of sceneries while also exposing you to art, culture, and travel. Our goal was for users to have an experience they had never imagined. As a result, the creative process for our project has been extensive.

Petch Boonvong — CEO of PRX Metaverse

Users can use their digital avatars to create, explore, monetize, and interact with numerous surroundings, much like they can in the real world. PRX integrated blockchain technology to allow users to migrate actions or financial transactions from offline to on-chain by reserving time and resources under our control, much like in the real world. PRX plans to have a use case for players for self-education and industry use. Applications, games, and dynamic 3D sceneries will all be possible using the PRX metaverse programming language. Advertising Billboards near or in high-traffic land parcels can be used by brands to promote their products, services, and events. Some areas may become virtual replicas of London’s principal streets. Digital Collectibles Users will be able to publish, share, and collect rare digital goods created by their creators on the blockchain.

The PRX metaverse allows for global socialization without borders. Content Exchange In the PRX metaverse, users will form groups based on their mutual interests. The PRX Metaverse is a goal for social, entertainment, economic opportunities, education, and many more objectives, thanks to today’s advancements in two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics rendering technology. It shows a real-world setting complete with legislation, events, and speech. A decentralized virtual world is owned and managed by the PRX community. No single person or agent has the power to alter the software’s laws, land content, or currency economics, or to prevent others from using it.

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